Katy Perry’s costume designer unveils a collection of dresses made from WHIPPED MILK

SAM | 27th July 2018


The three dresses were created by designer Kate Tabor and took her over three weeks to make, using 20 metres of wetsuit material and 12 litres of foam.


Tabor took inspiration from the structural designs of Alexander McQueen and renowned haute-couturier Iris Van Herpen in creating the lip-smacking gowns.


The Couture creations were commissioned to celebrate the launch of Costa Coffee’s new Whipped Milk. Ah, that’s why?!


Kate Tabor, designer said: “Each dress is bespoke; from a flirty minidress to an edgy asymmetric design and a classic, full-length bridal number; all were inspired by the texture of Whipped Milk and the way it is poured.


“I’ve created innovative costumes for everyone from David Bowie to The Chemical Brothers, but I’ve never designed anything as challenging or unique as Costa Coffee’s Whipped Milk Couture.”



Designer Kate, who has created awe-inspiring costumes for music videos for the likes of Katy Perry and Kylie Minogue, began the process by sketching designs, then experimenting with delicate foams ahead of crafting robust neoprene shells, which supported the overall structure of the dresses.


The painstaking application process took three hours per gown.


The Whipped Milk creations mark the reinvention of Costa Coffee’s Iced Flat White and Iced Cappuccino drinks this summer.


Gennaro Pelliccia, Costa Coffee’s Master of Coffee, added: “Whipped Milk is Costa Coffee’s must-have summer drink addition, inviting coffee-lovers to enjoy their favourite hot choices as refreshing chilled drinks, perfect for the scorching weather we’ve been enjoying.


“Coffee fans don’t even have to wait for Whipped Milk to make it from the catwalk to the high street, it’s already whipping up a storm in store now!”