Learn life saving skills with Cheshire first aid courses for all the family

Jessica Ward | 19th December 2019

With one in six deaths avoidable if people knew basic first-aid, two new courses are launching in Cheshire this January to teach new parents and families’ life-saving skills from just £15.


Created by Wilmslow-based former FTSE 250 Finance Director, Brandon Leigh, the two courses cover first aid for babies and small children and one for the whole family.


“The Red Cross’s most recent survey reveals that six out of 10 deaths caused by injuries and accidents could be prevented if we all had a basic knowledge of first aid and that got me thinking,” said Brandon.


Learn life saving skills with Cheshire first aid courses for all the family


“For parents and other care givers, it’s staggering to note that a third of children’s deaths are avoidable, but now there is something they can do with our unique practical first-aid courses,” he added.


And you can find out more with a on Saturday, January 4, as those interested can try a free taster session with a special open day from 9am – 1pm.


Hosted at Total Fitness in Handforth, there will be live first aid demonstrations which the whole family can get involved in.


The baby and child course is ideal for those expecting a baby, parents, grandparents, carers and babysitters where participants will learn all the key aspects of first aid for young ones. It is also ideal for those fostering or adopting children.


The class is for adults only (over 16 years). Babies and children can’t attend as adults need to concentrate and have both hands free to practice on the baby manikins.


Learn life saving skills with Cheshire first aid courses for all the family


It will cover dealing with an unconscious baby or child, choking, febrile convulsions, bleeding, burns, asthma, allergic reactions and other first aid emergencies. It will also cover how to spot serious illnesses such as meningitis and sepsis as well as when to call 999 or 111. The course cost is £30 including first aid book and handy important information guide.


The second course is for the whole family and covers the five main areas of first aid – chest pain, strokes and seizures, choking, bleeding and burns.


This is a unique class as the whole family can attend together, including children over the ages of seven, parents and grandparents.


Learn life saving skills with Cheshire first aid courses for all the family


The focus for the family course is on health conditions affecting the whole family, from the young through to those more common in old age such as strokes.


Teaching will include how to deal with an unconscious casualty, how to give CPR or put someone in the recovery position. The class cost is £20 for adults and £15 for children including a first aid book for everyone.


The courses are two hours each and take place at Total Fitness in Handforth. There are daytime, evening and weekend classes, to give greater flexibility for those working or needing childcare.


To find out more and book a class visit www.firstaidfivetraining.com.