Let’s Hear It For The Whags

Emma Jane Barlow | 23rd June 2015


A recent poll by retailer JD Williams has discovered that a large percentage of people prefer women that grow old gracefully. Following media criticism of Carol Vorderman’s recent appearance, JD Williams conducting a poll on Facebook and 67% of women said they want to grow old without plastic surgery and a high 72% said they preferred a classic style rather than dressing too young for their age.

A massive 77%% of women in the poll said they would not resort to cosmetic surgery to keep their youthful looks. 10% of women also said that wrinkles don’t bother them as they were more focused on keeping slim and fit as they get older.


Helen Mirren, Sandra Bullock and Julianne Moore have been named as the celebrity women that women aspire to look like as they get older. Other WHAGS that ranked high in the poll include Liz Hurley, Lorraine Kelly, Meryl Streep, Sharon Stone and Sarah Jessica Parker.

65% of women in the poll said they would happily let their hair go grey due to a recent trend of fashion brands using Celine and Kate Spare as grey haired models to front their campaigns.

Carie Barkhuizen, a spokesperson for JD Williams says “Our customer’s value celebs that have chosen to age gracefully rather than opting for cosmetic surgery. It makes a refreshing change to hear women are not planning on resorting to extreme cosmetic procedures to turn back the clock.”


Below are the top five tips for achieving the WHAG look:

1. Keep hair natural – if you are planning to colour your hair opt for a shade similar to your natural colour.

2. Have a capsule wardrobe of classic, stylish pieces that can be mixed with more trend lead styles.

3. Swap black eye liner and mascara for chocolate brown for a softer look.

4. Exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet.

5. Look after skin, remove make-up each night and find a skin regime that works for you.