London Hair Stylists to the Stars Windle & Moodie Team Up with Manchester’s Reuben Wood

Jayna Patel | 6th August 2015

models with Paul Windle and Neil Moodie

Models from Industry People with hairdressers to the stars Reuben Wood and Neil Moodie, who styled the models’ hair.

Two of the biggest names in British Hairdressing, Paul Windle and Neil Moodie, are launching an exciting collaboration with Manchester’s renowned stylist, Reuben Wood.

Creative director Neil Moodie has worked with some of the most prestigious fashion houses in the world, such as: Gucci, Armani, Hugo Boss, La Perla, Y3, Vivienne Westwood and Burberry –  and developed the  Windle & Moodie high end hair styling range in 2014.

Singer Carolynne Poole,  Publicist Laura Graham model Sarah Amelia, DJ Helen Holt, model Charlotte Dawson.

Singer Carolynne Poole, Publicist Laura Graham model Sarah Amelia, DJ Helen Holt, model Charlotte Dawson.

With DJ VIVAEms providing chilled background beats, VIVA enjoyed attending a VIP hair styling masterclass organised by leading PR firm Vital Management & Publicity with the hairdressing elite. Stylist to the stars, Neil Moodie demonstrated how the new Windle and Moodie Products can be used to create flawless hair styles and striking looks.

The brand has been so successful in just one year, it is now being launched within some of the finest hair salons in the country, and the brand chose Reuben Wood Creatives, in Manchester’s thriving Northern Quarter, to be the first in England.

Hair by Neil Moodie (Photo by Karl

Hair by Neil Moodie (Photo by Karl Collins/Vital Creatives.

The award winning Windle & Moodie salon has been in Covent Garden for 26 years. Neil has worked  with renowned photographers including Paulo Roversi, Mario Testino and Juergen Teller, and A-list stars such as: Kate Moss, Drew Barrymore, Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johannsen and Demi Moore.

Neil said: “We are delighted to be collaborating with Reuben Wood. We are an independent brand for independent salons, and Reuben Wood Creatives is our ideal partner.

They appreciate the quality of the Windle & Moodie professional products. Reuben has a very strong background in hairdressing from working and training at one of the best hair companies in the world, plus he has strong editorial experience from assisting some of the biggest names in the industry.  Our partnership has massive and long-term potential.

“For the VIP event I will be doing a master-class, and I will be demo-ing a mixture of new looks for A/W 15, plus some iconic hairstyles I’ve created in the past, showing how Windle & Moodie products perform.”

Crimping demonstrated by Neil Moodie at Windle and Moodie's Master Class at Rueben Wood Creatives.

Crimping demonstrated by Neil Moodie at Windle and Moodie’s Master Class at Rueben Wood Creatives. Photo by Karl Collins/ Vital Creatives.

Reuben Wood added: “I met Neil through his business partner Paul Windle around the time we opened our first  salon in Manchester years and years ago. I was inspired by their salon ethos, and their talented  approach to hairdressing and have been a fan ever since.

“Neil Moodie’s session work is so impressive and artistic, and I’m very excited to welcome him to our creative studio for his master-class to showcase his  Windle & Moodie products.

“He is at the top of our industry, and has travelled the world creating beautiful and interesting hair for countless shows , campaigns and editorial shoots. 

“Now Windle & Moodie have launched this fantastic  product range, Neil can give us a insight into what products he uses and why.

“I love using the  products, my favourite is the Invisible Day and Night Cream, and have many of them  in my session kit which I will be taking to Paris Fashion Week in September.

“The product range is simple and affordable, our clients love it as do we, and there is something for everyone’s hair.”

Photos by Karl Collins/Vital Creatives.

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Hair by Neil MoodieActresses Katie Mcglynn and Kate Ford attended the master class.Brooke Vincent came to the hair styling master class.Singer Carolynne Poole,  Publicist Laura Graham model Sarah Amelia, DJ Helen Holt, model Charlotte Dawson.Lucy Jo Hudson, Kate Ford and Brooke Vincent attended Windle and Moodie's master class.