Love International celebrates its fourth year of beauty

Sophie Parkin | 23rd July 2019


Set in the most beautiful location of Tisno in Croatia, the Dalmatian Coast has a calming serenity to it.

It’s the perfect location for the magical event that is Love International. Tisno has a feel of its overseas partner, Italy – Romantic, picturesque and intimate. But holds an authentic Croatian vibe that doesn’t feel tourist’y at all.

Our first year to cover Love International, and hopefully not our last. We spent a long weekend soaking up the sun, listening to some stand out artists and meeting some amazing people in a beautiful location, Love International really does have it all. From boat parties watching the sun go down, to special moments watching the sun come up at their Sunrise Sessions, every moment feels special.



This little place has it all, amazing restaurants, great wine and scenery.

Despite a sell out, the festival feels spacious but intimate. We’ve reviewed many festivals, but this attracts the best people, friendly and everyone is up for a good time, you never feel lonely at this festival. It really does have something for everyone.



VIVA’s Top 5 Moments


1.Midlands set at Barbarellas Discotheque –

Heading on the coach from the festival base to the famous Barbarellas club everyone still in beams of excitement, you get here and see a mass of colours of green from the forrest’y feel of the venue, along with the bright flashing lights reflecting off the disco balls. Saturday saw DJ legend Midland play a set at the club.

Unsure how quickly the club would fill up we got there early, it was the quickest I’d see the place fill with my time going to Barbarellas that week, and rightly so. Midland played a world class set which really got the crowd going, a mix of disco-tastic tunes and bass’y beats. For some reason his set really felt like it belonged at Love International, everyone around us seemed over the moon, everyone we seen was boogieing their hearts out, it really did feel like a special moment.



2.  Bears in Space Boat Party – Kornel Kovacs/ Victor Rodriguez/ Chris Bowen

Many boat parties we wanted to attend sold out rapidly. This was a random choice, but one of our best choices of the festival. Heading onto the pirate ship lookalike boat, we instantly got talking to a group – a familiar thing you will see – everyone is a friend here.

A special time to head on a Love International party is evening time, the sun sets on the beautiful islands, all you see is greenery, clear blue water and an orange ambience of the sun setting. The night started off minimal but of course picked up. Feel good disco music played with everyone sashaying their way and singing their hearts out to familiar old songs.

One special moment as the boat began to slowly dock back, the clouds cracked open and rain started to pour. Not a crowd to have their spirits dampened the whole boat began to sing along as ‘Don’t leave me this way’ blared. The festival for me was summed up on this boat, full of vibrant people just wanting to have a good time.


3. Ben UFO/ Peggy Gou – Garden Stage – 

Our first night of the festival we decided to scope around the beautiful setting. First of our headliners to see was Ben UFO, followed by Peggy Gou. The first view of the Garden stage is an array of colours and a sea of heads under the disco ball. A legend in the mixing industry of his own rights, Ben UFO played a collective on Bass vibes mixed with electric feels, he played a set proving why he’s made his stamp on global electronic music with his set at Love International.

Peggy Gou followed Ben, A first for me to hear her new song ‘Starry Night’ and of course her mix of ‘At Night.’  One to always get people heading to the dancefloor, Peggy Gou entailed a night of throwbacks, floor anthems and beats of house and techno combined. Always set to put on a show, Peggy closed the Garden stage with a sea of blue lights, ravers who didn’t want to go home and a set which was wonderfully put together.



4. Andrew Weatherall late night beach stage – 

Techno Legend, Andrew Weatherall created one of the perfect endings to a wonderful filled day at the festival. Heading off from a boat party, a little bit wobbly from the waves, yet still in high spirits we headed straight to the Beach Stage.

A stage that is usually calm and quite minimal, this time was the busiest I’d seen it all week. A sea of party goers, under the stage, up the stairs, anywhere you can see to be honest. Andrew played a banging techno set which sent floods of crowds heading to the coach for Barbarellas as they couldn’t possibly end the night after that unbelievable set and feeling.


5. Saturday 6th July – Sunrise Sessions – 

“Have you been to Sunrise Sessions yet?!” A couple we met said to us the first time we acquainted them. Regrettably, we hadn’t. What an unbelievable part of the festival it is. If you want to watch the sunrise over the beautiful Croatian clear blue sea and feel like you never want the festival to end this is the place you will grip onto this feeling.

In summary, it really is a thing of beauty. A festival I could see myself going to year on year. It celebrates Love of all kinds, love of music, love of beauty and love of people.

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The festival will take place next year from Weds 15th – Tues 21st July – Keep your eyes peeled for tickets!

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