Made of MCR – all the best flavours of Manchester, rolled into one tasty cocktail as one of Viva’s favourite bars expands

Emma Chadwick | 3rd October 2016


Ever imagined taking all of your favourite Manchester things and bottling them into one? And no, we’re not talking Liam Gallagher’s slurring ‘sunshiiiiiine’ lyrics or Ian Brown’s infamous bucket hats. We’re talking all of the iconic flavours that have come to symbolise this fair city and amalgamating them into one seriously tasty cocktail.

To celebrate the opening of The Liquor Store on First Street, the popular city centre franchise has devised a dynamic explosion of flavour to call their own; the ‘Made of Manchester’ cocktail.

Combining Manchester’s home grown Three Rivers gin, which famously represents the Manchester waterways that gave rise to the Industrial Revolution, with one of the North’s most famous fruity exports, Vimto, the cocktail boasts an infusion of tangy flavours with a modest Mancunian twist.

A nod to the city’s ‘Worker Bee’ symbol comes with the inclusion of Honey Syrup from none other than Happy Mondays’ dancer and all-round Madchester icon, Bez. While the taste of the Manchester Tart is addressed with the inclusion of vanilla syrup. All of this mixed together with Manzana Verde, apple juice and orange curacao, to create one truly Manc cocktail you’d be MAD not to try.

To claim its position as the most Mancunian cocktail in existence, Made of Manchester, comes served in a copper julip tin, decorated in Hacienda tape and garnished with a small Manchester Tart, mini Vimto chew bar and sprinkle of honeycombe.

A vision of The Liquor Store head barman and award-winning mixologist, Daniel Bigg-Wither (or Biggsy to those in the know), Made in Manchester will be available from 8 October when The Liquor Store opens its doors at its new home on First Street.  We at Viva cannot wait.

A sister venue to its original Deansgate home, The Liquor Store brings another no-nonsense oasis, with great music, serving hearty, unpretentious drinks and a cool vibe to Jack Rosenthal Street on the city’s First Street complex.

Speaking about his latest cocktail creation, Biggsy said; “We wanted to create something special to mark the opening of the new Liquor Store, but something true to our Manchester roots and that’s exactly what we’ve got with ‘Made of Manchester’; a great tasting cocktail that combines all of Manchester’s tastiest flavours and a nod to the city’s great history and iconic musical moments.”

Be the first to try The Liquor Store’s Made of Manchester cocktail when it opens its doors at First Street on Saturday 8th October. For more information on The Liquor Store visit or follow #LiquorStoreMCR #MadeOfMCR on Twitter.