Makeup your mind this Christmas and fill your stockings with beauty!

Paige Tucker | 7th December 2017

Everyone loves beauty products in their lives, whether it is to just experiment and have fun with or whether you wear it on a regular basis. So give the gift of makeup and beauty products this Christmas. Here are a few of our top products to choose from!

INGLOT Lipstick! 


INGLOT are really slaying the makeup game recently and their range of matte, Diamond and liquid lipsticks are giving me life! I love their HD lip tint in matte the most as they have a variety of different shades and they can be purchased in the UK at only £14.

They also sell an amazing day and night serum which are super moisturising and brilliant for your skin. I would highly recomend these as the base of your face is the most important, especially if you want your makeup to look fabulous at all times!

Day serum: £45

Night serum: £49

Lipstick: £14


So me brow kit

With this product, the name speaks for itself. This eyebrow kit is just so me! I love that you are provided with two different shades so you can make your brows as dark or light as you want depending on how much product you use and then you can highlight them. This kit also comes with two eyebrow brushes and three stencils, so that your brows can be on point every time!

RRP: £24

Delilah Lipstick cracker



Delilah is one of my all time favourite makeup companies and this year for Christmas they have wowed yet again with their makeup gift Christmas cracker. Inside the cute packaging you will find two beautiful red lipsticks, varying in tone but both mattified. I have been wearing their Retro shade ever since I got it and I am so in love!

RRP: £28

EcoTools day to night collection 




Obviously, every makeup lover needs a set of brushes in their collection. This day to night brush set from EcoTools is perfect for both beginners and experts. They are super soft brushes and can be used for many different applications, such as:

CONCEAL: Use the Pointed Concealer to blend imperfections

SMOOTH: Sweep color onto face with the Powder brush

SHADE: Apply eye color with the Shadow brush

DIFFUSE: Blend colors with the Smudge brush

ACCENT: Add a pop of color with the Lip Brush

RRP: £13.94

Yes to DIY sleeping mask

The innovative sleeping masks allow you to get the best out of your cleanse, by providing you with simple DIY recipes which you can mix with your mask. Simply blend with water for a fresh, natural clay mask or add yoghurt for a moisture boost, avocado for nourishment or get creative with your own Diva It Yourself recipe. They are great fun to make and leave your skin silky smooth and hydrated!

RRP: £2.99

Absolute Collagen shots



Give someone the gift of age-defying beauty this year by giving him or her Absolute Collagen shots. These sachet shots will provide your friends and family with an extra boost of collagen to keep that skin taut and youthful for longer. What’s best about these is that they have kits for both men and women, so nobody is left out! Each kit contains 14 days worth of collagen and they can even be purchased on repeat buy so you will never have to worry about running low.

RRP: £29.99


PDM Kiss


Lip fillers are becoming one of the most common cosmetic surgeries in the UK, however, going under the needle is no longer necessary girls and guys! This handy device uses the power of a lip plumping serum and a light suction to naturally plump and enhances your lip shape without any needles needed. It is the perfect gift for those who want to slightly increase their lip size or for someone who is terrified of needles, yet is super conscious about their lips. I also think this would be a fab gift to use before you try on your new Christmas lipsticks!

RRP: £125


imPRESS nails


Impressive isn’t even the word to describe these nails! To apply you simply wash your nails with the provided wipe, peel off the plastic covering on the back of the nail and stick it onto your natural nail and voila…you have a perfect set of manicured nails! I have purchased these again and again ever since I first tried them as I still cannot believe how long they last! I even managed a full 3 weeks with these nails on! As long as you make sure you are careful and have enough natural nail for them to stick to they can last you from 1-3 weeks in my experience. Fantastic seen as you would be looking at around £25+ for a full set of gel nails.

RRP: £7.99

Sleek makeup matte mini’s


Sleek lips are a must have for Christmas and with this mini’s set, you can try all the shades you want! I love Sleek lipsticks as they are so smooth and hydrating even after hours of wear and they also have some super hot colours to choose from. This gift set is my favourite item on this list as it is such a perfect little stocking filler for Christmas and it is such a bargain!

RRP: £6 from Boots


Indeed labs have got your back this Christmas by providing you with a whole range of different skin care products. The Snoxin 2 is a facial line fighter and is the highest allowable concentration they can use to help you get rid of those pesky wrinkles. It also works perfectly underneath your makeup, so you can slay and take your lines away at the same time!

RRP: £24.99


Handmade tassel earrings

Finally, to go with your glam Christmas look you may want to invest in a pair of tassel earrings, which are bang on trend right now. Instead of heading over to a mainstream shop though, why not find something a little more unique, like these tassel earrings from the handmade section on Amazon. 

RRP: £24


To see more of our favourite check out our Christmas makeup gallery!

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