Manchester Celebrates Women In Sport

Tereza Pevna | 4th June 2015

Celebrating Women in Sport
This week marks Women’s Sport Week 2015 (#WSW2015) and local-to-Manchester Reebok Master Trainer, Kevin Foster-Wiltshire, thinks it’s time more women should celebrate and champion their right to take part in and benefit from sports.
A recent study by Sport England revealed that 75% of women would like to exercise more but are put off by what other people think. Discovering popular factors such as being judged over physical ability, appearance, and that mothers fear people will perceive them as putting themselves before their family, Sport England founded the This Girl Can campaign to battle these challenges.
Kevin, host and co-founder of Reebok’s Cardio Ultra classes states: “Campaigns across Manchester and the UK such as This Girl Can, Women’s Sport Week and more sport specific movements such as She Can Trace, allow women to feel empowered to undertake exercise, overcome barriers, and lift the lids on perceived limitations.”
However, earlier this month, the World Health Organisation revealed the scary projections that 64% of British women may be overweight by 2030.A recent report by the British Heart Foundation shows that the highest levels of physical inactivity are in the North West. A worrying statistic shows that 74% of men and 69% of women in Greater Manchester do not meet the guidelines of recommended physical activity. Not meeting these guidelines can lead to obesity, stress and an unhealthy lifestyle – lifestyle factors that can cause life threatening, preventable illnesses.

In 2014, a group of 10 charities, which includes the British Heart Foundation (BHF), Breakthrough Breast Cancer and Macmillan Cancer Support, said not enough progress is being made to tackle the problem of preventable death, calling for a national plan for health improvement, led by the Prime Minister, to tackle lifestyle factors such as obesity, alcohol and smoking, which fuel rates of heart disease, cancer and diabetes.
Statistics by Cancer Research UK reveal out of a group of 1000 obese women, approximately 274 will be diagnosed with a bodyweight-linked cancer.
Kevin advises: “More women need to improve their lifestyle factors such as attending a group fitness classes, eating cleaner foods and drink, and by talking and sharing about the benefits of exercise and healthy living. This will help us to become greater role models not just for our children and for others, but for ourselves too. We can make the changes we need to turn the obesity projections around. And it starts with you.”
Kevin Foster-Wiltshire hosts free Cardio Ultra classes in Reebok FitHub, Sporting Pro, The Peel Centre in Stockport every Tuesday between 7pm-7:45pm. The classes incorporate cardiovascular exercise which is able to strengthen the heart and lungs, boost metabolism, burn calories, reduce stress, increase energy, promote restful sleep and promote a sense of wellbeing and more. The classes are part of Reebok’s vision to make fitness, health and wellbeing truly accessible to all women and men. To attend a class, pop in-store shortly before a class begins and to learn more click here