Manchester’s first pop-up diner is flown 100ft in the air!

Adam McManus | 19th October 2017


What’s the most exciting, scariest thing that can be thought of? We at VIVA think we’ve found it, and that’s a pop up diner being flown 100ft in the air! 

The Sky-high tea was done by Roberts bakery and is the North West’s first ever diner to be flown 100ft in the air. From midday until 5pm, they flew groups of people to enjoy their special, mouth-watering treats. Firstly, being greeted with a glass of fizz before ascending into the air later on for a delicious tea.  

Although the weather wasn’t great for rainy Manchester, people still enjoyed themselves with smiles all around after devouring the delicious treats. Set up just like you would expect a tea room to be set up, it had nothing but cute written all over it. The drop did look scary once raised into the air slowly, but not to worry, all passengers were strapped in tightly and secure. Once up in the air, everyone had to get their baring’s, but with the great team from Roberts bakery, who delivered us these delicious treats and baked them, along with a hot cup of tea to warm ourselves up, everyone was soon settled. 


With many treats being served, everyone was taken through 4 stages of the scrumptious delights which were mostly served upon a cake stand between 2 people. On the bottom stand, guests were served with finger foods, which were small slices of bread topped off with spiced homemade mixtures. After, guests were served with small breaded loaves which could be dipped into oil or a mint sauce. Then the favourite of the night, toasted tea cakes but not just any type of tea cake. A tea cake to top all tea cakes. These tea cakes were gin and tonic flavoured. They had been soaked in the gin and tonic, but instead of having a really strong taste, they had a nice subtle taste which brought the guests back wanting more. To finish off the very British afternoon tea, a toffee scone and a plain scone were served on the top tray with some clotted cream and honey.


After descending from a lovely tea, with a great atmosphere from the staff and all the guests seated around, we were greeted with goodie bags filled with a loaf of bread, bread rolls and of course more of those extra delicious gin and tonic tea cakes to take home with. Roberts bakery truly had given a unique night to deliver their new range of products. It’s pretty sure that this one will be hard to top from any other tea room in Manchester.

Make sure you visit their website at to check out all those delicious treats!  


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