Mancunians are creatures of habit and technology may be to blame

Chloe Rowland | 20th February 2018

Research conducted by leading travel app, Trainline, reveals that Mancunians are creatures of habit- with 82% of mancs revelling in the familiar.

Leaving the house at the same time every day, standing in the same spot at the train platform or habitually pre-booking tickets. Sound familiar? Well, you could be one of the whopping 76% of Mancunians who repeat the exact same behaviours every day.

The study, which was conducted by Behavioural Psychologist Jo Hemmings, is designed to gain insight and understand how Mancunians are using technology to make everyday life more predictable.

Despite people’s individual morning routine varying from person to person, research shows that 82% of Mancunians follow the same morning ritual each working day, even down to the first thing they do when they wake up, to the order they carry out their daily activities in.

According to the study, in the most British way possible, people tend to kick start their day with a cup of tea or coffee and then check their tablets or smartphones before having breakfast.

Technology has a massive part to play in the quest for routine and familiarity, with 56% of people saying they rely on apps to help them organise their day-to-day lives.

This kind of predictability is even prevalent during train travel, with almost seven out of ten Mancunians performing familiar behaviours during their journeys and commutes.

In fact, many people admit to having a favourite spot on the platform that they stand in each day.

Research into travel habits also reveals that 68% of people find enjoyment in knowing what’s around the corner and as many as one in four Mancunians are using technology, such as an app, to regularly check the platform before they board, to help the journey run more smoothly.

Chief Product Officer at Trainline, Jon Moore, explained why the company commissioned the study, saying:

“We understand being able to predict what’s around the corner helps us feel calm, particularly when it comes to train travel. This understanding that people want simplicity and certainty is what drives us to innovate and stay one step ahead, so our customers don’t have to.

A lot of the habitual behaviour can be put down to wanting to feel in control-with 19% of Mancunians agreeing that knowing the times and platforms when they are travelling helps them to feel calmer for their journey.

Jo Hemmings explains this predicable behaviour, stating:

“The human brain has a need for predictability; from a very young age we draw comfort from known outcomes and familiar patterns.  Think of how small children enjoy the familiar narrative of a bedtime book that’s been read to them many times before. In our busy lives we don’t want to be constantly challenged by the new and unpredictable.”

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