Master distillers and Peter Hook collaborate to create a Manchester Gin with Haçienda spirit

Web Team | 8th August 2019

Award winning distiller, Manchester Gin and musical legend, Peter Hook, have come together to create a small batch of Manchester Gin – FAC51 The Haçienda.  The first two batches made available in stunning limited-edition bottles feature FAC51 inspired artwork.


The partnership celebrates the city’s rich cultural spirit and lasting impact on house and dance music around the world.


Manchester Gin master distillers Seb Heeley and Jen Wiggins worked with Joy Division and New Order icon Peter Hook to choose the key botanicals to give this gin its unique flavour.


It has a refreshing zestiness from the lemon and lime peel, a nod to the vibrant ‘acid house’ movement.  This is combined with locally-foraged dandelion and burdock root, flavour notes that give Manchester Gin its signature smooth and balanced depth of flavour.


“The whole process was brilliant, I wanted to choose ingredients for the gin that told a story of the Haçienda – I love the reference to acid house and smooth notes.  But, while I was there for the selection of the ingredients, I had to leave the final tasting and approval to my wife,” explains, Peter Hook.


The label has been reimagined in the classic Haçienda colours and design style with the clear front label revealing the limited-edition inner label.


Both labels are striking and recognisable and have been assigned their own ‘HAÇ’ numbers used in place of batch numbers (any later designs will have new HAÇ numbers).  HAÇ13 uses the hallmark yellow and black stripes as the label backdrop and HAÇ15 uses the famous “Use Hearing Protection” poster image.


“This collaboration is an amazing opportunity to bring together two iconic Manchester brands, new and old.  While our gin is relatively new to the city, we wanted to pay tribute to a cultural movement so, this partnership is a perfect way to celebrate the past, present and future of Manchester” said Manchester Gin master distiller Seb Heeley.


In May 1982, in a semi-derelict area of Manchester, the doors of the Haçienda opened.  This collaboration celebrates its iconic status around the world and its impact on the music and culture of generations of clubbers – a new way to enjoy the spirit of the Haçienda.


SRP: £36, 42% vol. Manchester Gin – FAC51 The Haçienda stockists: