Michelle Heaton launches ‘natural’ alternative to HRT

Tilly Marsh | 4th July 2018

Former Liberty X star, Michelle Heaton, has teamed up with Femarelle in order to encourage more conversation about the menopause and highlight the treatments that are available.

According to Menopause UK, 13 million women in the UK have currently reached menopause, that is one in three women and they no longer need to suffer in silence according to the TV presenter, mother and now best-selling author.

Menopause has always been a taboo subject leaving women, alike Michelle, feeling uneducated on what will happen to their bodies in later life.

Femarelle‘s launch event at the picturesque Tower Bridge restaurant, The Ivy, gave insight to how three new products can aim to relieve symptoms no matter where they are in their menopause journey.

Credit: Teri Pengilley

The Ivy Tower Bridge
Credit: Teri Pengilley

Recently releasing her new book, Hot Flushyou may be wondering why at the age of 38, Michelle is so passionate about encouraging more education on menopause.

The star revealed she diagnosed with BRCA2 cancer gene at 33 and underwent a double mastectomy and hysterectomy to reduce her risk of cancer. This inevitably led her into an early surgical menopause.

In a moving and inspiring speech, she said:

It’s been incredibly lonely going through the menopause at 38 when the average age is 51. And knowing that I will be going through the menopause until I would have naturally started, which could mean another 10 years.

She touched on how menopause has had a huge effect on every-day life and sometimes taken her off course.

“I have seen first-hand the effect it has on everything from your relationships, sex life, career, sanity even! To the way you feel and look.

“But my message today is that you can do something about it.”

Leading gynaecologist and menopause expert, Professor Andrea Genazzani spoke on how effective Femarelle can be:

“Femarelle exerts an oestrogen-like effect on areas related to mood, cognition and homeostasis control.”

Professor Andrea Gamazzani - Femarelle launch

Professor Andrea Gamazzani

Femarelle is the only product that contains DT56a, a natural soy based ingredient that behaves similarly to sex hormone, Oestrogen.

The soya extract has been effectively proven as a natural alternative to HRT, with 76% of women throughout a month-trial being alleviated of hot flushes and other symptoms.

Michelle spoke on how the products have made her life easier and how they can aim to help others.

“Rejuvenate is the blue one. Blue to ban the blues and to keep you smiling with great hair and skin!

Primarily aimed at women in perimenopause, Michelle was talking about Femarelle Rejuvenate (the blue pack) which contains Biotin and Vitamin B2 which contribute to the maintenance of normal hair and skin.

Michelle Heaton. Credit: Teri Pengilley

Then she spoke about Femarelle Recharge:

This is my one, Recharge! Pink to keep you perky!

“Gives you energy, helps your moods and hormones, it can actually stop the dreaded hot flushes.”

Femarelle - Recharge Credit: Oak base Integrated Marketing

Femarelle – Recharge
Credit: Oakbase Integrated Marketing

“Finally, Unstoppable.

“It’s the orange one to help post-menopausal women stay active and is good for bones and muscle, it also contains the recommended allowance of Vitamin D.

“So, orange to stay on-the-go.”

Femarelle - Recharge goody bag Credit: Oak base Integrated Marketing

Femarelle – Recharge goody bag
Credit: Oakbase Integrated Marketing

Michelle discussed her passion for Femarelle and how their new campaign can kick start more conversations about menopause.

The M word is almost a dirty word and women don’t want to admit they’re starting their menopause.

But denial just means brushing it under the carpet when you can, as we’re saying today, take back control.

“Why wouldn’t you when there are natural products like Femarelle that can fix these things. That’s why I want to speak out so 13 million British women don’t have to suffer in silence.

“Let’s look at what’s out there that can help.

“We can do something about the menopause, we can take back control.”

Femarelle is available from Holland & Barrett, Weldricks and www.chemistdirect.co.uk RRP £26.99 for 56 tablets.

One capsule should be taken twice daily (morning and night).