Millennials enjoy ‘more luxurious & holiday-fullfilled’ lifestyles

SAM | 2nd October 2018

Research comparing the lives of different age groups shows younger Brits are more likely to live a better, more fulfilled life than older people did when they were the same age.


The study found half of 18 to 37-year-olds reckon they experience more ‘luxury’ than their parents did, with fewer responsibilities and a ‘different lifestyle’ making it easier to enjoy the finer things in life.


The stats emerged in a study by MSC Cruises which also found three in 10 reckon they get more opportunity to indulge themselves while travelling than they do at home.


In fact, our love of luxury holidays sees the average Brit go abroad on holiday twice a year, visiting 11 different places so far.


But 64 per cent admitted they are still looking to book a more exotic holiday every year, with women (68 per cent) more likely to feel this way than men (60 per cent).


According to the study 47 per cent of millennials go on two or more holidays a year, compared with 43 per cent of Gen X and 39 per cent of ‘baby boomers’.


Researchers also found the Maldives is considered the most luxurious destination, followed by Seychelles and Dubai.


The top attributes required for luxurious holidays are seven-star experiences (37 per cent), great service (37 per cent), culture (26 per cent) and stunning landscapes (23 per cent).


Almost four in 10 also look to a cruise when they are in search of a luxury holiday with 29 per cent opting for an all-inclusive resort.


MSC Cruises commissioned the research ahead of the start of the winter cruise season in the Emirates, which includes destinations such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi.



Top 10 most luxurious destinations:

1. Maldives
2. Seychelles
3. Dubai
4. Monaco
5. New York
6. Abu Dhabi
7. Fiji
8. Venice
9. Paris
10. Singapore