Mother’s Day is just around the corner… In need of some gift ideas?

Caitlin Blackwell | 26th February 2018

Sunday 11 March. Note the date in your diary, your phone, anything which will not let you forget that Mother’s Day is fast approaching!

Nobody likes last minute rushing around supermarkets looking for a decent gift, and we all know that the day before Mother’s Day, there’s no point even trying to find some nice flowers. Chances are people were fighting over the last bouquet of roses just moments before you arrived.

Fear not, I have a couple of lovely ideas which you might like the sound of.

Chocolates. You just cannot go wrong. By now, the Christmas stash of chocolates, enough to feed four families of nine, are probably long gone.

Jenny Wren‘  have the perfect gifts for chocolate loving mums.

Each gift box contains an assortment of twelve delicious, hand-finished Belgian chocolates in a cube box.

The presentation is gorgeous. The box is cute and colourful which has three small tiers inside, which open out into sections as the box is opened, how cool!

The boxes come in Original, Milk and Dark chocolate and even have a Christmas edition, which is a great variety and means there’s a gift box suitable for all types of chocolate lovers.



The box isn’t just cute and colourful, it’s also 100% recyclable which is a little gift to the planet too.

Do you want to get your hands on a Jenny Wren box of chocolates? Click here!


Prosecco is another classic Mother’s Day gift, or even a nice little keyring, but what if you wanted to get these simple gifts customised? If you’re looking for something a bit more personal, ‘Personally Presented’ is the place to shop.

This website doesn’t just offer picture frames and mugs with faces on them, they sell every gift you could think of, but you can customise them all!

The great thing about Personally Presented is that there’s a gift that suits everyone. They offer gifts for special occasions, men, women and children. From personalised cheese boards to a baby’s first cutlery set, they’re all personal which makes each gift one of a kind!

I personally buy my mum a bottle of Prosecco every year, however this year, the personalised bottle with her name on it will give it that something extra and more of a nice surprise – I’m pretty sure she’ll keep the bottle too, which is also placed into a shiny looking see-through bag with a tie at the top – which makes the presentation look posh and sleek.

Personally Presented also offer FREE delivery and all gifts and cards… Bonus!


If you were thinking of something a bit stronger…

How about Langley’s Old Tom Gin?

This traditional distilled gin has a rich and rounded flavour with a slight sweetness to it. It’s made from a secret blend of eight botanicals and is made from an original gin recipe that dates back to 1891.

Old Tom’s gin dates back to the 18th century where government efforts to stem the flow of gin forced its production and sale underground, and this is reflected in the beautiful, old fashioned brown glass bottle – which is different to the standard clear glass bottles gin often comes in.

With hints of orange peel candy, nutmeg and juniper, it goes down a treat and can even me used for classic gin cocktails and can also be enjoyed with a slice of lemon.

It’s not just me who enjoyed it… customers from Amazon have rated Old Tom’s an impressive 9.6/10

To purchase this lovely gin, click here!