Olive’s First Holiday, Baby Teeth And Crawling. It’s A New Dimension Of Baby FUN.

Christie Hutchinson | 8th December 2015

OliveCrawling copyI had to read over my previous baby articles to get a little bit of inspiration on what to talk about and, as I have mentioned before, this precious time flies by and the memories and moments all seem to merge into one. Looking back I couldn’t stop laughing as I sounded pretty smug with myself as Olive slept though the night so brilliantly from such an early age – and yes that is a massive WAS past-tense! It’s crazy, being a new parent you think that you have finally cracked it and then a massive whirlwind strikes and you are back to square one, all confused again not knowing what to do.

So where do I start? Our first family summer holiday to Barbados was fantastic and enjoyed by all of us when Olive wasn’t kicking off but I didn’t really think about the time difference and how this might affect a six-month-old baby. Barbados was only five hours behind the UK but it has taken four months for Olive to finally start sleeping through the night again (HURRAH) after waking up at least two to three times a night. This was definitely a severe shock for me as she had previously been so good. I am certain that travelling through different time zones messed with her little body clock. If you are thinking of a first holiday abroad with your baby it’s a brilliant idea but next year we’re opting for something a little closer to home and sticking with the Mediterranean; just until she is a little older and can understand more.

It’s been a little bit tricky lately but we’ve all been there, haven’t we – our little ones’ first teeth. I hadn’t really thought about it before – why would I? It’s horrible for them isn’t it? It’s painful when their teeth cut through the gums and their little teeth even move up and down before finally cutting through and this causes a lot of extra discomfort as well. Olive now has two teeth at the bottom and her top ones are on the way so she has been a little bit whiney of late but, honestly, she has coped very well compared to stories I have heard about other babies teething, so I am very proud of her. My advice is to give pain relief when needed at all times. I wasn’t keen to begin with as it seemed almost like drugging your baby but it really does ease their pain dramatically, which is what any mother wants. I found the children’s Nurofen and Ashton and Parsons teething powder worked best for us and you can safely give both together for an extra pain-fighting strength.

I have briefly mentioned Olive being on the move and now she is crawling – although, much to my amusement, backwards rather than forwards! I give it another week and she will be everywhere. Honestly, I am a little bit scared as I hardly get to sit down anymore. I’ve heard that this will only get worse and that relaxing with a cuppa will soon be a long-distant memory. I am looking forward to it for her as she is very independent and I can tell that she gets frustrated at times because she wants to do more for herself and to be more involved with her new nursery friends.

That’s right, my little nine-month-old baby girl has started at Pickles Place nursery and, for now at least, she is there once a week on a Monday. Some mothers may find this too soon but I believe that it is very important for her brain development, communication and social skills and I want her to be able to feel happy and content when I am not around to be there for her. (and, of course, a day’s rest is much needed for my own sanity as well!)  It has been hit and miss with her reports which range from incredible to hard work. I blame this on her teething, as she does love to play with other children and much prefers it when her half sister Elfie is around to make her laugh non-stop. So I am sure that, in time, she will fit right in and, hopefully, won’t be expelled for naughty behaviour. Although I will be keeping my fingers crossed as she is her mother’s daughter after all!

Mine & Olive’s top baby buys…

Evo XT – Explore All Terrain Stroller. £379, from www.gracobaby.com

I was desperate for another pushchair and, as we are always on the go walking our dog Ralph, it is really important that the one I chose was suited to rough terrain for our daily afternoon walks in the forest. I narrowed it down to the Evo XT which suited all my needs, being super fast and simple to put up and down with its one-hand fold. It’s great off-road for walking Ralph and well-equipped with a rain cover and snuggly foot muff to keep my Olive warm in this typical UK weather. Its ultra stylish looks make it brilliant in the city and its super oversized shopping basket’s great for hitting the shops. I really recommend the Evo XT as a great all rounder that ticks all the boxes at a very reasonable price.

Ed The Elephant Teddy. £26, from www.my-joolz.co.uk

This has to be by far the cuddliest toy on the planet. Trust me, your baby will have hours of comfort snuggling into this one. Well-done Joolz!

Chicco Activity Station 1.2.3. £79.99, from www.boots.com

This clever, multi-functional activity centre will challenge Olive at every stage of her development, with its innovative three-in-one function which allows this fab toy to transform from a baby-walker to a push-along and finally to a ride-on. She’s just mastering stage one and loves zooming around our hall playing with the removable, ringing rattle, mobile phone and the many clever, light-up toys. We haven’t been able to get her out of it since it arrived.

Push Along Butterfly. £18, from www.nhmshop.co.uk

This wooden butterfly is a really cute toy, and it great for encouraging Olive to take her first steps for her early development skills.

Buster The Teddy Bear; £110, from www.beargood.com

These beautifully handmade teddy bears are a gorgeous keepsake for your baby’s first Christmas and, for every one sold, ten percent of each sale goes to a children’s charity. Now we all love a good cause, don’t we?

Boutique Baby Clothes Shopping; If you’re looking for baby clothing that is different from anything sold on the high street, I have come across these super cute brands. Personally I find boutique shopping so much fun and you can dress your baby with their own unique style. I love the funky leggings and bobble hats from Blade and Rose; the adorable outfits to ‘rock your baby out’ from Rockin’ Baby and, if you’re looking for baby shoes with a sparkle, then you must check out My First Years. You can even get a pair of customised shoes with your baby’s name on them, now that’s cool!

Baby Case, £120, from www.baby-case.com

Christmas is coming and travelling with a baby is such a faff. Just packing alone gives you a headache with everything that you have to remember. So I have found this super clever, baby case which makes life a lot simpler. It features a wardrobe system with removable compartments, a toiletries bag, toy bag, changing mat and a detachable backpack which can be used as a changing bag while you are away. It’s brilliant!

Words: Rebecca Legon

Photos: Elfie Lynton

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