Paddy Smyth announced as The Circle Winner 2019

Megan Chapman | 19th October 2019

The Circle 2019 came to an end last night when Paddy Smyth won the £70,000 prize. His fellow contestant, Tim Wilson, won the remaining £30,000 of the £100,000 jackpot, as the people’s champion which is voted for by the public.


The Circle, Hosted by Emma Willis and filmed in Salford, is a game show where each contestant stays isolated in separate apartments. They can only communicate through the voice-activated social media called ‘The Circle’.


They are hidden behind the profile pictures that they choose and so anyone can truly be anyone.


Last years winner, Alex Hobern, posed as his ‘Kate’, whilst using photos of his girlfriend Millie, and took home both the £50,000 grand prize and the £25,000 people’s champion jackpot.


This year’s winner Paddy won the show by being simply himself.



When asked about his game plan he said: “I’m going to be unapologetically myself. I’m disabled, gay, Irish, slightly ginger.


“I’m fearless and I’m going to show people just because I’m disabled doesn’t mean that you’re vulnerable. I can be a savage bitch just like anyone else. I will use what I need to my advantage.”


Paddy has cerebral palsy in his legs due to his mum having cancer in the womb when she was pregnant. His reveal of this to the other Circle members was one of the series’ most emotional moments.



After being named the winner, he was equally emotional saying: “I’m in complete shock. Honestly I never even thought I’d make it passed the first blocking.


“To come in as a late player and to come in with such insecurities about myself and to know that the circle accepted me and you guys accepted me it’s just insane. I didn’t think I’d even get here.”


Not everyone seemed impressed with the winner. Paddy joined the ‘Circle of Trust’ with fellow players and finalist’s Georgina and Sammie, who unknowingly at the time was actually James, which divided opinion.


Stephen95_23 said “Circle of Trust absolutely ruined the show. Paddy has done nothing, and won by accident after the COT got tactical and it went haywire. Woody in 5th and Tim 3rd, both deserved better, two genuinely lovely people. #TheCircle #TheCircleFinal

The circle of trust saw the three combine power in order to take down the more popular player Ella and Tim. It worked and Ella was voted off the night before the final.


However, many people loved the message Paddy was sending about his disability. @caitlin_sharp18 posted:


“Everyone’s so salty over paddy winning but honestly I’m over the moon for him. I aspire to be as positive, sassy and amazing as he is!! #TheCircle”

The Circle will now venture into Brazil as Netflix has now commissioned the show in Brazil, France and America. As for the UK, The Circle will return next year but is currently nominated for a National Television  Award in 2020.