PLY a pizza of the action – great for vegans, gluten-intolerants or those that just want a slice

SAM | 20th November 2018


Northern Quarter’s Ply, just off Stevenson Square, takes its pizza seriously and has one of the glitziest pizza ovens ever, like a glorious disco ball of an oven, but even better they go out of their way to include everyone with pizza for all, no matter your intolerances or dietary preferences.


There’s a large vegetarian and vegan offering as well as the option for gluten-free bases meaning the whole family can enjoy pizza in a cool, chilled setting with excellent staff.


You can just drink if you don’t want to dine but why wouldn’t you when a lunch deal is just £7 and massivo pizzas from £9.


And it has certainly shaked-up its cocktail menu adding six new festive tipples in time for Christmas office party season.


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We tried a trio of Christmas cocktails to get the ball rolling which have been added to the  already comprehensive cocktail list which starts from £6, my favourite being their take on a snowball, that old Christmas chestnut.


The blackberry messenger  – this nectarous version comes in the form of a blend of rum – prosecco, blackberry, orgeat, ginger and honey (£6.0).


The roast peach old fashioned sleighs it, marrying roasted peach infused bourbon, honey and sage (£8.0) into one delectable mix to warm you up.


Each not only looked good but had a highly quaffable quality that promises excellent Christmas cheer.


Starters from £3 were excellent with beetroot carpaccio , which blended tart goat’s cheese with maple syrup, the show-stopper but the burrata mozzarella and charcuterie platter were wonderful supporting acts.


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Onto the main show and the first thing is that these are big pizza’s, sourdough is the order of the day although mrs gluten-free, raved about her base as well.


I went for an aubergine, pepper and olive number with extra mushrooms which was cheesy and gooey with crunch of veggies (they puree the aubergine so it’s not like there’s huge chunks of eggplant obscuring the taste).


A sausage & broccoli did what it said on the tine and Alpino, one of the new offerings, had a rustic après ski note.


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Great value for money and a great vibe too. For bookings, contact 0161 711 0401.


Credit: Words by Emma Chadwick. Images by Wes Griffiths.