Red Original Hot and Cold Thermal Drinks Bottle: Your Summer Best Friend

SAM | 19th July 2018


Let’s face it, at the moment the thing most likely to get you a raised eyebrow in polite society (or a thumbs-down on social media) is drinking from a single use plastic cup or bottle.


We’re pro-universe, but if you are planning to invest in a reusable drinks container, it should be a superior and sustainable one.


Red Original is the accessories range launched by Red Paddle Co (the world’s leading inflatable stand-up-paddleboarding brand), but rather than aim their wares exclusively at watersports enthusiasts, they decided instead to create a sleek, well designed collection of lifestyle accessories –basically, for anyone who wants to win at outdoorsing it.


Their marine grade stainless steel drinks bottle is not only kind to the environment, but also promises not to corrode with use or leak in one’s bag.

It will keep liquids hot for 12 hours and cold for 24. And, better still, it holds 750ml – yes, that’s right, you could transport a bottle of wine in there, and keep it chilled.


Or why not mix up a batch of cocktails, pour and serve to friends whilst out and about. Brilliant for festivals, picnics – in fact anywhere you can’t take glass bottles. Another tip; if you want to take more than 100ml of water with you to hydrate on a flight, you can take an empty bottle through security and fill it up airside.


Of course, if you actually wanted to take this drinks bottle paddleboarding (hey, Kim Kardashian does it, right?) then you can easily clip it to your board with a carabiner.


More info:  RRP £25