Restaurant Review: An evening at Manchesters Australasia

Tara O'Connell | 15th September 2017

You’re likely to have noticed the glass entrance leading down into the restaurant Australasia, the striking architectural design makes it really stand out on the concrete streets of Manchester. It’s been on my must-visit list since moving to the city and when I finally did, I was I was given a truly fabulous experience.

Upon arrival, I was met with a warm greeting from one of the hosts. However, it was the décor that immediately impressed me; bleached wood furnishings, vanilla coloured walls, large candles gently lighting up the room and cosy cream pillows scattered around- they excellently nailed the chic beach vibe. I was shown to my table and our attentive waiter handed us an iPad- which withheld an ample selection of wines from all over the world. But with the suggestion from our host, we settled with a delicious French bottle – Vermentino Sauvignon.

As delicious smells hovered around us from the open kitchen at the back, I was super excited to finally try the infamously tasty menu. We decided to order from the set menu, which is like a conveyor belt of small dishes. The contents of the menu had dish styles that were Asian, Australian and European. There was also a vegetarian and vegan option- meaning there really is something for everyone. As our charming waiter topped up our wine, dish after dish were served at the table. The presentation of each dish was truly exquisite, with each one being more beautifully arranged than the last. Impressively, each dish tasted even better than it looked. From the salmon sushi to teriyaki beef, tender steamed broccoli and chicken skewers – each plate was a genuine melt-in-your-mouth-moment. As I glanced around me, I was unsurprised to see many other diners expressing their delight at their meals.

The atmosphere of the restaurant was elegant and relaxed, it’s a real fine dining experience. Our main courses were followed by dessert and cocktails. The desserts were perhaps even better than the mains. Personally, I’m not much of a dessert person however these offerings are something you need to try to understand. This coupled with some signature cocktails, such as Rose & Lychee Martini and a Cosmopolitan were the perfect endings of a wonderful evening. Suffice to say, VIVA is in love with Australasia.  Although it can range on the pricey side, the experience and quality you get is worth every penny.

Ratings? 5/5

Address: The Avenue, Spinningfields, Manchester M3 3AP
Phone: 0161 831 0288