REVEALED: North West ranked 9th most loving region in the UK!

Tara O'Connell | 11th February 2018

Northern Ireland has been ranked the most loving region in the UK, with residents telling their partner they love them more frequently than in any other region, and giving Valentine’s gifts to their friends or family members just to show they care.
The North West came in at 9th place, with 93% of residents wishing they could spend more time with their loved ones…

This is according to flower delivery company Bloom & Wild, who surveyed residents across the UK to uncover the most and least loving regions in the nation. In perfect timing for Valentine’s Day, the results revealed the areas where people most enjoy expressing love, and disclosed exactly how they do so. The survey findings have been illustrated in a stylish map by Bloom & Wild.

Some of the highlight facts include:
-People aged 25-34 are the most eager to receive flowers for Valentine’s Day
-Women consider themselves more loving than men do  (95% of women think they are a loving person)
-Only 58% of people in the UK tell their partner they love them once a week or more

Some interesting North West facts:
– 93% believe they are a loving person
– 87% enjoy expressing love
– Only 36% have given a friend or family member a Valentine’s card or gift
– 38% say ‘I love you’ when needed or when they feel like it
– 6% say say ‘I love you’ weekly
– 21% say ‘I love you’ once a day
– 61% show their love physically, through hugging and kissing

Jim Warren, Marketing Director at Bloom & Wild, says: ‘‘While flowers for Valentine’s Day may not be an original idea, the kind of flowers you send really ought to be spectacularly original and creative. Whether it’s classic red roses for your sweetheart, or a wild bouquet of snapdragons and eucalyptus for your best friend, the gift you send on Valentine’s Day should reflect the recipient’s individuality as much as possible.”

About Bloom & Wild:
Bloom & Wild is the UK’s highest user-rated flower delivery app. Find out more about Valentine’s Day with Bloom & Wild and browse their beautiful Valentine’s Day range.

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