Review: Lisa Stansfield brings nostalgia and soul to The Lowry theatre

Sophie Clinton | 17th April 2018

One of Rochdale’s biggest success stories, Lisa Stansfield exploded into the The Lowry theatre with electrifying energy.

Four years on from her album Seven in 2014, the three-time BRIT award winner is back with new album Deeper, released on April 6.

Listening to the album and watching Stansfield in her element on stage, I’d say Deeper is a reminder to everyone why shes been such a force for so long.

Stansfield was joined by Israeli singer-songwriter Irit Dekel, who warmed the crowd up with her jazzy/latin tunes from her album Hello. 

The theatre was buzzing with not an empty seat in sight, embracing Irit’s effortless uplifting vocals.

Her natural talent mixed with catchy lyrics created a recipe for success.

The blend of jazz and Latin rhythms with guitar, accordion, trumpets and Irit’s unique vocals echoed throughout the venue.

I was left wanting to hear more.

The crowd and I was uplifted by Irit, but the wait for Lisa began.

After what felt like hours, the band slowly made their way onto the stage… it’s time.

The crowd chant ”Lisa” ”Lisa” ”Lisa”.

I joined in as the energy in the room commanded me too.

The Rochdale superstar was welcomed with open arms as she powerfully walked onto the stage.

The sound of Stansfield’s signature voice was intoxicating.

Wearing sparkly sequin pants she oozed 80s glam.

With nearly 30 years in the industry the soulful diva showed she still has plenty left to showcase.

Stansfield created a night mixed with her classic hits and new material from her album, Deeper.

The bright and in your face set created the tone for the evening.

Full of funk, groove and soul the crowd were up off their seats and dancing along with Stansfield.

She displayed her authoritative soulfulness and vocal power.

A nostalgic experience that took fans back to the 80s and 90s.

You’d be tricked into thinking she wrote Deeper back when she released her first album Affection in 1989.

Fans old and new needed no encouragement to get up and dance as the classics, Someday (I’m Coming Back), People Hold On and Change were all belted out in the way that only Lisa Stansfield can.

Her classic hit ”All around the world” immediately had the audience on their feet.

Her years of experience shone, her confidence, her stage presence were second to none.

Stansfield must have found a time-machine because her energy was exhilarating, you wouldn’t believe she was at the tender age of 52.

Introducing ‘Hercules’, off the album Deeper, she said: ”It’s the hercules inside all of us, and how we should really feel”.

Performing ‘Hole in My Heart’ was one of the strongest moments of the night. The bluesy piano ballad is a real showcase for the strength of Stansfield’s voice.

She’s not lost any of the quality in her voice.

Dance Pop track “Everything,” gave a boom-bass with glittery vibes which took the audience back to the Heatwave 90s.

The tracks ”Twisted” and ”Never Ever”, featured horn-adorned and string-orchestrated bouncy beats.

They effectively compliment Stansfield’s voice that floats confidently.

The combined years of experience between Stansfield and her band was evident.

The night included a number of band solos and each excelled with their given instrument.

Stansfield has a great live band.

Throughout the evening they showcased how talented they are with complicated full band songs that sounded absolutely amazing.

I would also say a special recognition should go to Stansfield’s female backing singer who had an incredible voice.

Overall it was an energy filled, fun experience. Hopefully Stansfield will be gracing our stages again soon.

Live photography by Paul Dixon.