Review: WingsEggs, Fulham

kiri | 1st July 2015


By Tom Gatehouse

The idea behind WingsEggs is pretty simple. Yep, chicken wings and eggs. Both come in all different shapes and sizes, with 13 different types of chicken wings (coming as portions of six) ranging from the traditional buffalo, to the extraordinary, such as ‘Juice of Munich’, where the wings emerge after being marinated in Belgian wheat beer. The eggs are part of different takes on the full English breakfast, with three burgers and a bounty of sides making up the rest of the carefully planned menu.

Opened by JP Tanti, formerly of the well-loved Hoxton Grill, WingsEggs was born from a love of experimentation and an understanding of where the London casual food scene is headed. Chicken and the Full English; who can deny either as a guilty pleasure! Right slap bang in the centre of affluent West London, a stone’s (or rock’s) throw from Stamford Bridge stadium, JP’s playpen is right where the money is.


With a telephone box front door, modern art strewn across the walls, and with rolls of kitchen towel on every table; WingsEggs clucks an easy going vibe. The very able barman conjures magic near the front, with a hand-picked selection of beers from chef’s travels across Germany and Belgium completing the small but vibrant drinks selection. A special set of wings appears on the blackboard every week, with the ‘Italian Style’ (with cherry tomatoes, basil and mozzarella) immediately catching our eye when we arrived last week.

It is clearly a place to experiment, to discover. So that’s exactly what my companion and I did.

We ordered the lot. Well, a portion of every one of the 13 chicken wings and the special. And while there is currently not platter option, we were suitably fired up for a feast. We were hungry, intrigued, with the wait staff and JP himself just loving the enthusiasm.

This made for a unique review opportunity for me here, able to rank every wing out of three, and construct a full menu breakdown for those after a little more info on the weird and wonderful WingsEggs wings!


Not for the Faint Hearted (£6.75)
‘Hot chillies, Scotch Bonnets, Cayenne’
Powerful, tasty, and yet more powerful, these little flappers had potency and flavour. Careful not to go near the whole chillies balanced on top!

Juice of Munich (£6.75)
‘Marinated in Wheat Beer’
A three star offering, and a hat tip to the chef. Marinated in Chimay beer, which is brewed by monks in Belgium, these wings are warming and succulent.

Cheese Bullet (£8)
‘Stuffed with Cheddar Cheese’
Not a wing, and more of a starter. Coming across rather like a kiev, they were very edible, but rather stodgy and a little pricey.

Dita Malteese (£6.75)
‘Honey, Soy and Crushed Peanuts’
We had this de-boned and on a brioche bun (an extra £2 to the bill), and it was well worth it. Created by chef JP himself for opening, this was great to share, and a perfect blend of sweet and savoury.


Dominic Buffalo (£6.75)
‘Traditional Buffalo Sauce’
Not for me (although my companion enjoyed them thoroughly), I felt there was a little too much of a tangy after-taste to these flutterers.

Smoking BBQ (£7)
‘Honey Glazed Barbecue Sauce’
A solid entry, and one that I would happily have again. Classic and executed well, with chopped spring onion to boot.

Chick and Chic (£7.50)
‘Mango Salsa’
One of the more interesting options, arriving littered with chunks and slices of mango, this really is one for the summer.

Fulham Jerk (£6.75)
‘Jamaican Style’
While I’m not the biggest fan of jerk chicken, these agreed with me, largely due to the slightly more subtle taste. Sure to be a big seller.

Miso (£7.50)
‘Japanese Style with Sesame Seeds’
For me, the second best on the list. Swarming with slices of seaweed, and coated in a delectable miso glaze. We wanted more than the six!


After Nine (£7.50)
‘Spicy Belgian Chocolate’
The most inventive on the menu, and certainly not for everyone, I was pleasantly surprised by the WingsEggs chocolate smothered wings. With accompanying strawberries, these had a subtle kick, and stuck lovingly to the chicken skin.

Sticky Chinese (£7)
‘Sweet and Sour with Pineapple’
Paled in comparison to the miso, and not particularly memorable.

Pimp my Ride (£8.50)
‘Glazed with Bourbon and Maple’
Sounds good, tastes even better. A naughty treat.

Italian Style (£8.50)
‘Cherry Tomatoes, Basil and Mozzarella’
A worthy special. Lightly sprinkled with breadcrumbs, and swamped by cheese; this was practically a whole meal. And a good one.

Posh Forest (£9.25)
‘Wild Mushrooms and Truffle Sauce’
My winner on the night by a small margin, the Posh Forest very much justifies its slightly higher price. Escorted by mini pieces of toast, these wings are wonderfully decadent, and worth stopping by on their own.

With some really cracking wings on offer, an enthusiastic team, and more and more options soon to arrive on the menu, WingsEggs is a sure flyer.

WingsEggs Fulham
Address: 453 North End Road, London SW6 1NZ
Phone:020 7386 9332
Twitter: @WingsEggs