REVIEWED: Ghost Stories at The Lowry Theatre

Megan Chapman | 21st February 2020

Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson’s Ghost Stories is haunting The Lowry Theatre in Salford. Ghosts, ghouls and gasps – the show has it all! 


Ghost Stories has been revived after a hugely successful 2017 film of the same name which starred Martin Freeman and Andy Nyman himself.


The shows huge success is no surprise as the pair have done a fantastic job with this production. Even if you have seen the show there is just something else about seeing it all played out in front of you.


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Ghost Stories at The Lowry TheatreThe Caretaker - Ghost Stories at the Lowry TheatureThe Lecturer - Ghost Stories at the Lowry Theature


Phillip Goodman, the show’s narrator guides you through three spine-chilling stories but not everything is as it seems. Three men all believe they are experiencing the supernatural. But is it all in their heads?


The shows huge success is hardly surprising. It is a thoroughly enjoyable night and even if you have watched the film, there is something different about seeing it played out live in front of you. 


Fantastic special effects, eerie set pieces and the amazing four men cast brings the spooky story to life. It will have you screaming and laughing in equal amounts but is certainly not for the faint of heart.


The cast of Coronation Street turned out in their droves and were scared witless. See what they had to say about the production and listen to what makes them scared by watching the video here:



Special effects, strong language and heart-stopping scares are all used during the show so please beware and only enter if you are brave enough!


We shall not reveal anymore, and keep the secrets of Ghost Stories, but you do not want to miss the fleeting appearance of this mysterious show. Catch it before it skulks back into the shadows…


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