Michelin comes to Manchester: Michael O’Hare’s exclusive collaboration with Yu Alderley Edge gets top marks

Jessica Ward | 7th May 2019

Manchester is full of fantastic eateries, bringing in a plethora of people from all over the country. From the fine diners and haute cuisine to fast foodies and health junkies, there really is something for everyone.



The one big thing missing in Manchester’s thriving food scene, is that of the iconic Michelin star. So, what is it about Manchester that lacks the stamp of approval from Michelin? Or perhaps a better question, does Manchester really need a Michelin star restaurant?



In my personal opinion the answer is no. A Michelin star does not define you. Manchester is filled with a variety of thriving award-winning and nationally recognised restaurants such as Adam Reid at the French, Ashas, The Ivy, Hawksmoor and of course Yu. Not to mention that Manchester is a hot spot for street food eateries which attract a long line of queues on a daily basis.




Manchester does not necessarily play by the Michelin rules, and instead makes its own unique mark on the city. Plus, with frequent collaborations, such as Yu Alderley Edge’s recent guest chef with Michael O’Hare and many more in the pipeline, Mancs have the perfect opportunity to experience Michelin star dining, without the Michelin star price tag.


We headed to Yu Alderley Edge, one of Cheshire’s celeb hotspots for a six-course dining experience like no other, and at £70 a head, it seemed like right bargain!



Our first course was an Otoro Tartare with Soft Scrambled Eggs and White Truffle. The Otoro, which is in fact the most desired cut from a tuna belly was full of flavour and melted in the mouth, the best part of the dish by far.



Then it was onto the Prawn Won Ton Soup with Sesame Prawn Toast. Whilst the prawn toast was nothing to write home about, the soup itself was incredible. The broth was rich and perfectly balanced in flavour, a firm favourite amongst all the diners that evening.



The hand dived scallop and Korean sweetbread were both dishes cooked perfectly, however, before trying Korean sweetbread it is definitely worth googling beforehand so you know exactly what you are eating – less bread and more organ meat, specifically from the pancreas or stomach.



The Black Leg Chicken with Victor Yu’s Charcoal Glass Noodles were divine, and a unique spin on lemon chicken. Finally, it was onto dessert, traditional Hello Panda Chinese biscuits in a soy caramel with fresh raspberries. Tasty and super sweet.



Overall the experience was enjoyable. All the diners that evening went away very happy. There was a fair wait in between each course, but with the level of care that went into make each and every dish perfect, it was to be expected. The food was incredible and it is very clear that Michael O’Hare is an extremely talented and passionate chef. The service was spot on and each member of staff went above and beyond to make sure each and every diner was looked after.



Was there a noticeable difference to the quality of food versus non-Michelin star fine dining? My honest answer is no. I have dined at Yu Alderley Edge many times and the quality and presentation are just as good, if not, dare I say better?



VIVA Verdict: A great dining experience like no other. So much time and effort had gone into each individual dish and the presentation and quality were on point throughout our entire meal.  Great food, Michelin starred or not.


To find out more about upcoming collaboration events at Yu Alderley Edge visit their website here.