Sensational Six For Summer

SAM | 4th July 2018


Summer is here! At last we finally have one to talk about. It’s Hot Hot Hot, just how we like it.


And these 6 must-haves are sure to make a Hot Summer – Super Cool, whilst you simmer away and bask in the glorious sunshine.


  1. Sit In The Pit Giant Premium Inflatable Avocado Pool Float £52.99 from The Fowndry 



Sit back and relax in this massive avocado, Forget Donut’s and Flamingo’s relax in the pool in style. (It probably won’t fit in a paddling pool, so hit a real pool!)


2.Thumbs Up Roller Wheel £42.99 from Amazon



Ideal for kids to roll about in the garden, park or beach. No longer will you dream of being a hamster, you can be one, for a while at least.


3.Ion8 Leakproof Bottle Purple Unicorns. £11.99 from



Okay so Unicorns aren’t dead, they are everywhere. Now this amazing bottle won’t let you spill one drop, not one! Decorated for unicorn lovers, but other styles are available if Unicorn’s aren’t your thing.


4.Bear Skin Picnic Rug £22.99 from The Fowndry



Unlike many celebrity coats, this is not actually real bear skin! So at last you can relax in style, sipping champagne when your thirsty, like Notorious B.I.G. (No teddy bears have been hurt whilst making this rug).


5. The Thumbs Up Original Stormtrooper Speaker £199.99 from Amazon



Having a garden party, then you’ll need this beast of a speaker. Pumping all the dark and light side tunes. This stormtrooper speaker will watch over any party in absolute style, making sure all your guests enjoy the beats.


6. Pongsecco Drinking Game £9.99 from The Fowndry



Make sure your garden party goes well with a fizz, with this middle-class game. Ping, Pong, Slurp.