Seven secrets of success to make your 2018 even more amazing

Debbie Manley | 27th October 2017

Violet and Charlie are turning pretty on its head and helping women to break the glass ceiling in the Northern Powerhouse.

Jodie Salt and Chloe Roberts launched Violet and Charlie to offer training and personal coaching for women who want to achieve their life goals.

“We have been friends for 12 years and met when we both worked at O2 as leadership development consultants,” said Jodie. “I live in Cheshire just west of Manchester and Chloe is just to the east so Manchester is our common stomping ground.”

Chloe added: “We have been through some pretty tough life experiences ourselves within our friendship.”

Violet and Charlie draw on their personal and professional experiences to provide a “funky no sh*t development programme for women” in all aspects of their lives.

Jodie said: “It is quite easy to go out and get yourself fit with a personal trainer, hire yourself a personal stylist or a hairdresser, or a make-up artist, and if you want to get better at something at work you can go on a course.

“The idea of Violet and Charlie is about doing all of that in one place, so you don’t have to go to different places. You just come to us. So in doing that we created seven secrets. So there are seven areas that we help people with. We wanted to turn the idea of pretty on its head.

“So it is not just about to look pretty, aesthetically pretty. We wanted it to be about what you are made of.

“All our secrets start with ‘You’re pretty…’ and then you fill in the blanks. So we have got seven…

You’re pretty confident, which is all about developing your confidence.

You’re pretty stylish, which helps people think about how they want to look, and that includes hair, make-up, wardrobe, underwear, all of that stuff, to people feel confident in how they look.

You’re pretty fit, which is about doing exercise but it is all about being fit in the mind. So it is about mindfulness, introducing people to meditation. Getting people eating properly and sleeping well so you are fit as a whole body. Not just about exercise.

“The last four are a bit more centred about work skills. So we have got you’re pretty smart which covers things like emotional intelligence, resilience and mental toughness. That’s covered in you’re pretty tough as well.

You’re pretty awesome. How to present yourself well and be engaging, being credible and trustworthy so that you have lots of influence with people around you.

“You’re pretty on it, in which we talk about our f*** it philosophy! Excuse my French. But helping people not to worry about everything anymore because as women we tend to worry about things quite a lot…. It’s about planning and prioritizing.

“People are able to have it all, balance those things so you are not missing out.”

Chloe said: “A lot of our business will be online but we will do some physical workshops and seminars, and we will travel around and do speaker events.

“Primarily people can access our content via our members club so they will pay a monthly subscription to access all our content, which includes personal coaching sessions via Skype, webinars, podcasts, e-learning of all the secrets so wherever you are you can access it.

“If you choose to do a face-to-face then we will do them around Manchester because that is what we are committed to do.

“We want to contribute to the Northern Powerhouse. We want to put Northern women back on the map because they are not represented very well or at all. We are two Northern women and we know how strong Northern women are.”

Sign up before Sunday 31 December 2017 for a special half price offer.

Basic membership costs £10 per month includes access to the seven secrets on line courses with more than 50 modules that you can access from the comfort of your own home at your own convenience.

Premium membership costs £25 per month, which has the above plus a LIVE monthly masterclass with industry experts, a forum to share and chat with other like minded women, a quarterly Skype coaching session and discounts on Violet and Charlie products and events.

Money can be saved by signing up to a three month membership at £60 or an annual membership at £230.

For more details visit and check out their F*ck It Friday videos here!

Video below by Georgina Hughes and Amelia Crombleholme.

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