Shop Your Way To A Quirky Christmas!

Paige Tucker | 28th November 2017


Christmas is a time for getting together with friends and family and enjoying a day full of love, good food and giving. However, sometimes the ‘giving’ part can pose an issue when you simply have no idea what to buy. So here are a few of our favourite quirky Christmas presents:

Who’s the Dude?

Get the whole family together this Christmas and enjoy a game of charades with a twist. This inflatable friend will help you enact the scene, sport or profession on the cards, whilst providing hilarious entertainment for the rest of the family. Players can also download the ‘Dude’ app (available on Android 4.4 and iOS 8 and above), which includes a timer and other fun extras.

‘Who’s the Dude?’ Is priced at £22.99 and is available to buy from most major toy & game retailers, including WH Smith.


Brussel sprout chocolates


You are guaranteed to avoid any chocolate thieves with these deceptive treats. Whilst they may look like Brussel sprouts on the outside, they are full of white chocolatey goodness on the inside and they taste amazing! These would make a fab treat for lovers of chocolate and Brussel sprouts or why not prank a friend and see if they notice!

RRP: £9.99



We all know someone whose eyesight is so bad that they are constantly swapping between glasses. Luckily for them, we have found a solution for their problems! These Eyejust lenses allow you to adjust the focus and strength of your glasses yourself, saving you from ever having to carry around more than one pair again! These would make a great gift for anyone struggling with their eyesight and they are super affordable. To see how they work check out their handy video! 

RRP: £69-£79



Never let it smell in your toilet again with the V.I.Poo. This is a great present for those who have a great sense of humour and its practical too! It is claimed that this comical gift can save marriages and friendships by leaving your loo smelling fresher than when you went in!

RRP: £8


Gin lovers gifts

Gin lovers rejoice! There is a present out there for your gin loving needs and it can be found on this website. They have so many gifts it’s hard to know where to beGIN (punny I know). They sell loads of Gin related presents including; Gin earrings, cufflinks, purses, a Gin look-a-like case for your water bottle and my favourite of all…Gin fairy lights!

Lights: £25

Cufflinks: £30

Earrings: £25

Purse: £16

Waterbottle cover: £27



For the sweet tooth’s out there Haribo has unleashed some amazing Christmas presents that will get your taste buds tingling! You can indulge in a whole box of Haribo celebration sweets or if you fancy something a little smaller, try their festive trees, Star bauble gift set or the Haribo selection box.

Click here to see all their Christmas products!


Gifts for him:

Lacoste and Penguin


For him, you could buy the usual socks and pants as Original Penguin do some great ones. Or why not get him some shoes or unusual cufflinks instead. The shoes from Lacoste are sure to make him ecstatic this Christmas and he will soon be jumping for joy in his shoes, cufflinks and matching pants and socks!

If these interest you then check out the rest of the products on Original Penguin and Lacoste as they do some amazing Christmas gifts for him that are bound to be used daily and bring some amazing style into his wardrobe!


Gifts for her:

Ghost perfume 



Pamper her with a luxury perfume this Christmas. Ghost has some amazing gift sets for Christmas so you can make sure you buy her favourite scent in all their products! If you don’t know which one she likes why not buy them all in their Ghost dream Christmas set for £40.

Ghost perfume can be bought in Boots, The fragrance shop, Superdrug and The perfume shop.


Joan Collins perfume 

Joan Collins has a luxurious perfume out called ‘I am Woman’. It smells absolutely amazing and would make a perfect gift for her this Christmas!

Joan Collins’ perfume can be found online or in your local Marks & Spencers for only £15!


Daughter of the soil


Winter often dries out the skin, so why not treat her to some natural moisturiser that she will fall in love with. Daughter of the soil provides a range of different moisturising products including their hand and body gift sets which are perfect for Christmas.

RRP: body-£40

Hand- £30


Christmas drinks:

Sorachi Ace Saison



Sorachi Ace Saison is an ale like no other. It would make the perfect alternative drink for Christmas and they have a range of flavours. Brooklyn Brewery also sell a range of fun items for beer and ale enthusiast, including t-shirts, tap handles and even beach towels!

The best UK place to buy their beer is Marks & Spencers where you can get a pack of 20 beers for only £40!


Curious Emporium

Fancy adding a bit of flavour to your drinks? Well, why not give Curious Emporium a shot? They offer a range of flavoursome alcohols, including Pear drop, Rhubarb & Custard, Strawberry bonbon and Pineapple! So grab a bottle at your local supermarket and enjoy a Christmas drink with a twist!



Barefoot bubbly Pinot Grigio 

Forget the champagne and bucks fizz this year, instead indulge in in barefoot’s amazing bubbly Pinot Grigio. It is super delicious and perfect to go alongside your Christmas dinner! Find this delicious bubbly at any of your local supermarkets.

RRP: £8


Sous Chef G&T infusion kit 

This Gin &  Tonic infusion kit from Sous Chef is perfect for those who love to create their own twist on a drink. It comes with four different flavourings, including star anise, rose petals, timut pepper and cardamom. The kit also includes a cocktail spoon with a masher on the end and tasting notes.

RRP: £17.50

Ferrero Rocher Pineapple Prosecco

This AMAZING quirky present is essentially a bottle of prosecco covered with Ferrero Rocher’s, making it the perfect treat for a chocolate and prosecco lover! It comes personalised too, with your own message pipped in chocolate. I honestly don’t know if you could find a better present than this!

RRP: £74.99


Last but not least…

True Touch


Sometimes we forget about our companions at Christmas, despite them being very much a part of the family. So this year why not buy a present you can both enjoy? The True Touch glove helps you brush your dog’s excess fur off whilst giving them a luxurious massage. Your dog is sure to love you after this and your house will be fur-free!

RRP: £9.99