Sigala talks all things Manchester ahead of the release of his album ‘Brighter Days’

Adam McManus | 26th August 2018



Manchester Pride has proved to be very popular this year with some great acts to support the LGBT community. Sigala headlined on Saturday and we caught up with him to talk about his performance and the release of his new album.  


What made you want to perform at Pride this year? 


I think it’s an awesome event to get involved in. It’s really positive and a good cause; it’s nice to see everyone come together and celebrate that and there’s a great vibe man with good energy here. The crowd is always amazing so it’s great as a performer to be involved in that.  


Would you consider yourself an advocate for the LGBT community? 


I feel like my music has been used a lot, which is amazing because we try to push it into those kinds of areas. My music’s all about inclusivity, just everyone getting involved. The LGBT community has really picked up on that message.  


You’ve performed in Manchester before. What do you love about Manchester?  


Just great crowds man. Every time I play here, I always leave feeling like everyone has had a really good time, which in my position that’s my aim. It shows that everyone leaves with a smile on their face and that always seems to happen here. It’s just always really good with high energy. 


What inspires you to keep writing all these great summer tunes that you release? 


I just enjoy making that kind of music. It just makes me happy to make it. Hopefully it makes other people happy.  


Are there any other artists that inspire you? 


Probably older stuff like Chic, Nile Rodgers and Disco. That kind of upbeat vibe and that 90’s House movement. I feel like music was so great around that time. I don’t know the artists specifically around that time, I just know I liked that era of music.  


Everyone is so excited to see the release of your new album Brighter Days. What made you add two of your top hits “Came Here For Love” and “Lullaby” to the album? 


I think it’s a chance for me to package everything together for people who have heard 1 or 2 of my singles and we can go look this is everything I’ve done and then here’s a bunch of new stuff as well and just have it all in one place and be able to have that as one package. It’s also to show the other side of my music and the things people haven’t heard and the collaborations I’ve done.  


When is the album release date? 


Sometime around the end of September. I think the date may have been changed.  


You have collaborated with a fair few people in the past and on your upcoming album. How do you choose who you’re going to collaborate with? 


I need to make sure that they have an amazing singing voice, something that’s really unique, something that is going to inspire me because often if I’m working with someone and I haven’t written the song with them, the song will be in really basic form. I produce much better when I have an amazing vocal that can inspire me to new sounds. I just try to find people with great voices. That’s the main important thing for me rather than how many followers they have. I’m just trying to find that next voice really.  


Is there anyone you want to collaborate with? 


There are a few people. I’m trying to do something with Rita Ora at the moment. I love her. Her music is amazing. I think our styles fit really well together, so I’m trying to make that happen. I believe she’s here tomorrow. She is definitely up there on the top of the list.  


What can we expect from tonight’s performance? 


There’s going be energy, positive vibes, upbeat music. I’m going to play my stuff, the music that I love and hopefully the crowd loves too. I’m really looking forward to it.  


If you had to pick your favourite single that you have produced, which one would it be? 


Probably Sweet Loving. I had no idea what I was doing. I just got lucky with the sound that I was really passionate about and that other people understood and loved as well. It was that happy accident of falling for a song that I made. That was a pinnacle song for me. It was at that point that I had to prove that I could do it again after my first single. That was one of the most important times of my career.  


Brighter Days in now available to pre-order.