VIVA sings for joy with Mark De Lisser

kiri | 8th October 2019

Mark De Lisser is a regular on TV, as a vocal coach on The Voice and Musical Director of ‘Our Dementia Choir’, to name just the few.


He arranged the version of ‘Stand By Me’ performed at Harry and Meghan’s wedding, and has just finished work on the celebrity album for Children In Need ‘Got It Covered’, where he arranged songs for stars including David Tennant, Olivia Coleman and Jodie Whittaker.


Having sung in gospel choirs all his life, Mark founded ‘Singology Choirs’ fifteen years ago to share his passion with others. Singology currently includes nine community choirs in various locations, all of which are open to everyone; regardless of background, native language or technical ability.


Mark believes that exercising one’s voice, through singing and vocal challenges, is hugely beneficial for mental health, breathing and concentration – and believes that Singology choirs promote community spirit and build friendships.


Here he shares his tips, in the run up to World Mental Health Day (Oct 10th) on how to reap the benefits of a vocal workout.


1. Sing out loud five times a day to produce a rush of endorphins; our 'feel good' hormones to
relieve all over stress.

2. Sing with a group or choir at least once a week to bring a sense of collective cohesion and
acceptance to relieve depression and loneliness.

3. Sing whist out on a brisk 30 min walk or run to maximise your breath capacity and relieve

4. Throughout your day, lightly hum your favourite song with your eyes closed. It will focus your
mind and turn down the emotional and mental noise.

5. Stretch like you have just got out of bed or like a cat at least five times a day as you let out a
loud primal sound (you can choose which). This will relieve physical stress and bring peace to
your mind again.

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