Six ways to wear denim

Web Team | 1st October 2019

In every 100 people you come across the street any day of the week; you will never miss several of them wearing jeans.


And with half of workers now following a casual or smart casual dress code at work, allowing for jeans and other dress-down styles, the prominence of denim in UK wardrobes, both at home and in the workplace has never been more popular.


There are loads of denim styles that you can try out today.


High waist jeans


High waisted Jeans from Tally-Weijl are flattering, especially for women with an hourglass shape. The garments bring attention to the small waist and also define the hips. Fitting high waist jeans are versatile. If paired with a good blazer, they can make it to the board room.


To find the perfect pair, be in touch with your body type. For instance, if you are short and petite, go for minimal cuffs. Striped jeans will also create the illusion of height. If you have long legs, wide-leg high waist jeans will do the trick.


Stretchy high waist jeans are perfect for covering the tummy. It can hide a “muffin top.” High waist jeans work with all body types: you don’t have to be a supermodel. Pair your high waist jeans with a loose sweater top for a weekend look. To look sporty, a tucked-in t-shirt and sneakers will do the trick.


Once you know your body type and find your style, there is nothing you can’t do with a pair of high waist jeans. High waist jeans were reserved for the school-run a while back. It is, however, a staple for trendsetters like Kim Kardashian today.


Denim skirt


Denim skirts will never go out of fashion. Trendsetters and supermodels like Karlie Kloss and Daisy Ridley have been seen wearing denim skirts to events. The button front denim skirt has notably taken the fashion industry by storm. Button-down denim skirts come in different styles.


If you prefer covered ankles, you can wear a maxi skirt. They also come in skater and pencil styles. You can pair them with a knit top, t-shirt, tank tops, or even denim shirts. While you can wear denim skirts with sneakers, flats or ankle boots, gladiator sandals make them chic and effortless.




The overalls are also a 90s spin. They are among the most celebrated street styles. The jeans outfit does not miss in fashion magazines. It is among the most versatile ways you can wear jeans, only that you cannot wear it to the office. Depending on the look you want to pull, you can wear them with an oversized sweater, cool vests, and any other top you like.


Overalls and striped blouses make a statement: models have a thing for this pair. For shoes, there are no limitations. Trainers, pumps, heels, sandals, and funky boots will do.


Saint Laurent jacket £775, Frame denim top £200, Proeza Schoeler trousers £700, Malone Souliers shoes £525, Elleme bag £345

Harvey Nichols AW19 Fashion Show. Saint Laurent jacket £775, Frame denim top £200, Proeza Schoeler trousers £700, Malone Souliers shoes £525, Elleme bag £345


Cut-off shorts


Cut-off shorts are a must-have for summer. The fantastic part is that this style has been recycled in the fashion world for ages. It doesn’t seem to get old. Distresses cut-off shorts have a rock and roll, and a throwback vibe.


The style is even better when accessorised. They go well with dramatic belts, chokers anklets, multi-layered bracelets, and a mini backpack. To give your look an edge, pair it with black makeup and sunglasses. Cut-off shorts are particularly stunning with oversized sweaters and simple t-shirts.


School-run Mum jeans


Mum jeans are for a laid back and relaxed look. Just like the high waist jeans, they accentuate the hips and the waist. Be careful when styling them: these jeans are flattering only if you do it right. You can do mum jeans with a sensual blouse, or a t-shirt tucked in and secured with a statement belt.


If paired with a romantic blouse, heels will do for the bottom. This style of jeans, paired with a t-shirt, is perfect with sneakers.


Denim jackets


Denim jackets have won the medal of the best transitional wear. It can be worn when the sun is scorching and when it is cold in the night. Pairing a denim jacket is simple. It can go with a body con dress paired with rubbers. You can throw it over your shoulders when wearing a mini dress and heels to a party.


For a relaxed look, pair it with denim pants, sneakers, and a t-shirt.


Classic blue, white, grey or black denim jackets are popular among most trendsetters. Denim never gets old and is among the most practical and versatile materials that should never miss in a fashion-forward woman’s wardrobe.