Spring Into Summer With The Lowry’s River Bar And Grill’s Scorching New Dishes

Emma Chadwick | 15th May 2017

I’ve got huge admiration for The Lowry’s River Bar and Grill understated exec chef Andrew Green who serves some of the best dishes in town in the one of the best rooms in town (handily a hop and a skip away from Chadders’ towers).

His new Spring menu shows his mastery of making seasonal dishes from the best produce around without all that ‘look-at-me-aren’t-I-clever’ fanfare that can sometimes dominate the cooking profession.

We were treated to some fantastic morsels of what will be on offer throughout Spring and Summer matched by some superb vintages from the cellar that if rumour has it right, pleases the palates of everyone from Pep to Mourinho.

Stand-out, want to eat it forever and never stop, was simply beautiful spring lamb, just wonderful, juicy and pink, elegantly highlighted by a spring burr of greens (pea & nettle) and a nest of other goodies from aubergine to cumin. Just a summary of the new season in your mouth.

My second fave (let’s face it I loved it all, but in the interest of not writing a list I’m trying to slice and dice this for you) was the crab tian – straight from the sea and straight in your gob, like a wave of holidays gone and ones to come.

My least favourite and only because I was force-fed rhubarb from our garden in a Victorian manner by my mum, was Yorkshire rhubarb and custard. This was of course fancier than it sounds with splodges and blobs and sprinkles, but it still had that tart rhubarb tang that you either like or loathe.

In other dishes, shout out to the sea bass served with herb gnocchi and spiced up with Iberian ham – fish and salty meat is always a flavour combo that leaves me wanting more.

Check out offers and deals (including Dad’s eating free on Father’s Day, get in) HERE.

VIVA Verdict: Once again the River Room and Exec Chef Andrew delight , making the most of this season’s best produce.