Spring into the season with your best shade

Paige Tucker | 16th April 2018


Finding your perfect lipstick for Spring can be a tedious task of trying on a million different nudes and pinks, without ever finding the right shade or texture for you. So to narrow it down we have given our honest reviews on some of the best spring lipsticks out there!


Delilah lipsticks are one of my faves on the market. They mattify beautifully and don’t dry out your lips. The colour Breeze and Beau and perfect for spring as they have those fresh pink and yellow undertones that help mimic the vibrancy of Spring. These lipsticks also stay on so well throughout the day, my only slight criticism would be that the colour breeze on my pale skin was more orange than expected and was a little too light, however, that was more my own fault that Delilah’s.


The lip crayons from RMK are a really popular item that has been flying off the shelves at Selfridges recently and it is obvious why. I got the colours Beige, pink and rose and they were just divine! They have great pigment and because of the thing crayon, apply precisely where you want them to. They can also be blended out to create lighter tones for a more subtle look, which I love!

Mary Kay

This brand is a brand new lipstick that I tried out and I have to say I think they are pretty amazing. They are very moisturising lipsticks, which is perfect for Spring time. What I like most about these is that they have matching lip liners which is such an important thing when you want precision.


Known for their racing names, MEMI lipsticks did not let me down! You could tell a lot of thought had been put into these lipsticks as they were super nourishing thanks to the added jojoba oil, the packaging was sleek and a little bit fun as you have to push the bottom to pop our the lipstick, plus the pigment was great! The price of these is £12 which is a steal!

Live in the light

This brand was a new find for me, I tried out the tin feather oil lipstick in Ritzy and the tin feather lipstick in Victorian. The oil lipstick for me didn’t apply as nicely as I wanted it to, it seemed quite thin at first. However, once it dried it was a really nice matte colour that matched my skin tone very well. The Victorian lipstick was definitely up there as a favourite as it has a smooth application, a stunning rose petal-like colour and stayed on really well.


I have quite sensitive lips and so they easily get dry and irritated with some lipsticks, however, the Fig fondant lipstick from here felt really nice on my lips. When I first saw the lipstick I was slightly hesitant as truthfully it looked quite shiny, which reminded me of my grandma’s lipsticks but I was vastly mistaken. In fact, this lipstick turned out to be my favourite of all of the lipsticks I tried. It was super creamy, has a slightly shiny finish and the colour was just amazing! I was definitely pleasantly surprised by this product and would recommend it as the perfect Spring lipstick.

Sleek Makeup

Sleek is my all time favourite lipstick brand at the moment. They have just released their new browns collection in time for Spring and I love them. The lighter browns from the collection Cinamon spice and Roasted Almond help bring warmth to your face and last long. I wore cinnamon spice for an event and forgot to take it off, the next morning I woke up with it perfectly intact! So, to say this lasts is an understatement! They only thing I would say is like most matte lipsticks, if you leave this on for a long time it will start to dry out your lips.


NATorigins Lychee lipstick is probably the lipstick I have used the most out of everything. It is super creamy and moisturising which makes it perfect for Spring, plus I love this deep pink/purple colour as it goes with almost every outfit!  However, I did find that because it doesn’t really mattify at all, it comes off quite easily. If this lipstick stayed on a little better then it definitely would have made my number one place.