STK Ibiza: The place to dine if you want great food and added sax appeal

Emma Chadwick | 21st August 2019

The beauty of Ibiza (well one of the many) is how different the districts are, you’re a cab ride away from what can seem like a totally different country and Ibiza old town is a must-see with its beautiful, historic alleyways and nocturnal shoppers (seriously families browse at midnight).


Just nearby is the sprawling marina so my ideal day (well night if you’re a Brit) is some serious clothes shopping and gawping at the beautiful streets followed by dinner.


STK Ibiza is one of just four STK sites globally and is on the marina. You still need to get a cab from old town as the marina is mahoosive – perfect for any boat nerds.


It is basically a show restaurant but not in a cheesy way. There’s great, American-based with more than a hint of the med cuisine, created under the watchful eye of Executive Head Chef Matteo Bartaletti, who is in residence and some frankly awesome cocktails.



It’s a dress-up place so somewhere you can get dolled up unlike the normal, I’ve just come from the pool and look like this glam style of most Ibizan places. And it’s very stylish, with a red-carpet entrance, from where you enter a neon-lit cave with pop-art on the walls, seriously cool booths and lots of runways for performers to strut their stuff in style.


All the staff are beautiful, it’s obviously a requirement as well as wonderfully competent and nice to be around and the formula is that the DJ (yes there is one all night) starts the evening with a laid-back beat before ramping up the soundtrack as the performers get the diners toe-tapping and eventually dancing.


It sounds a bit cringe, but it really isn’t and there are different nights throughout the week so you can choose your vibe. In fact, STK Ibiza collaborates with famous international and local artists, DJs, celebrities and events promoters – including Candypants, Disco Bandits with Manuel Moore and Micah the Violinist and Champagne Charlies to name but a few. There are also pop-up events from SIN, Nuage, Sintillate and MOKO Party.



A bottomless brunch on Sunday is the best value, but they reckon a normal night will set you back around eighty to 150 Euros. Not bad for Ibiza and you get fed.


We went on a Monday night and the crowd included the young and the beautiful as well as families, there were some serious show-offs ordering crates of flared-fanfared fizz and normal people wanting a good time.




We started with cocktails and my STK Fizz with a marshmallow stirrer was a delight, whilst VIVA Sam wolfed down his eponymous martini and then went through the rest of the cocktail menu with glee. Seriously good.


Starters of mini-burgers, juicy, pink and tasty with a shared Russian-style salad that included everything from cheese to croutons, was yummy. Mains were steak, clearly, although you can take advantage of what looked like wonderful seafood if that’s your preference, and again was totally delicious as were sides of spinach, mac n cheese and of course fries. Even the ketchup was good.


All this and we were serenaded by a wonderful sax player, bowled over by a cabaret singer and blushed with the burlesque girls.


Pudding was a huge chocolate and goody-filled sundae, again lush if you like chocolate, cream and everything else that’s naughty but nice.


VIVA verdict: A showstopper of a venue, well worth a visit and a perfect way to round off a day in the old town.



For details, follow them on Instagram: @STKIbiza Twitter: @STKIbiza or visit their website.