Summer Beauty: Do’s And Don’ts

Emma Jane Barlow | 5th May 2015

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Summer is almost here and as the clouds part to make way for the sun, it’s time to shed your winter layers and refresh your beauty routine. If you want to emerge like a beautiful butterfly with soft skin and silky hair, then read on about the do’s and don’ts that Lyndsey Jackson-Guy, the manager at The Club Spa has put together for the perfect summer beauty regime.


Do use SPF even when it still seems like winter! Wind and sun are one dynamic (and evil) duo for the skin. So when freezing temperatures and biting winds have left your skin dry, agitated, UV rays have a clear shot at your skin. Using SPF lotion all year round will add moisture to your skin and make it less prone to lines and wrinkles. In the summer months The Club Hotel & Spa has its very own Sunshine Butler on hand to provide guests with SPF sun cream.

Do keep things natural. Lotions using as many natural ingredients as possible are best as the skin can get very delicate during winter. Use a Herbal Steam room if you are looking to shed your winter weight. Herbal Steam rooms accelerate weight loss and a single steam session can burn as many as 600 calories! The Club Spa’s Herbal Steam Room also helps to eliminate toxins and leaves skin hydrated. The Herbal Steam Room is complimentary to use for all hotel and spa guests.

Do exfoliate. Central heating and icy weather play havoc with your complexion, making your skin look dull and feel horribly dry. Using an exfoliating scrub can help to shed dead skin to reveal softer, fresher skin. The Ayurvedic Master Facial at the Club Spa includes deep cleansing and exfoliation.

Do look after your hair. It’s not just your skin that gets neglected throughout the winter. During the colder months, hair can get dry and brittle from lack of vitamin D, so make sure you give your locks some love and attention once in a while too. For a natural remedy, the Salt Pool at The Club Spa contains essential minerals which can help to repair and protect damaged hair and make it shinier.


Don’t exfoliate too much as this can dry out your skin. This then can lead to the skin getting too oily as it tries to recover from being stripped. It is best to exfoliate your skin once a week.

Don’t just wrap up under warm layers and forget about looking after your body and skin during colder months. Harsh cold weather drains out the moisture in skin; however a body lotion will rehydrate and rejuvenate this. The Rasul Mud Room at The Club Spa is known for its healing properties. The Rasul Mud will leave your skin feeling soft and renewed as it will detoxify your skin and improve the texture.

Don’t stress. Massage is a proven powerful stress reliever which not only helps you unwind but can also help with long-term anxiety issues. The Shankara Bliss treatment at The Club Spa includes a face and scalp massage which aids relaxation – perfect for relieving stress. A happy person is a beautiful person.

Don’t stick with the same products all year around. ?You may have found a moisturiser that works just fine in the summer but as weather conditions change, so should your skin care routine.? Find an “ointment” moisturiser that’s oil-based, rather than water-based for the colder months, as the oil will create a protective layer on the skin that retains more moisture than a cream or lotion. (Hint: Many lotions labelled as “night creams” are oil-based.)

If you want to rejuvenate and relax and get yourself ready for the summer months, why not treat yourself and go to The Club Spa in Jersey. They have an indoor salt water pool with hydrotherapy bench and thermal suite, comprising a salt cabin, herbal steam room, sauna and experience shower to revive and invigorate.? A soothing relaxation sanctuary offers four reclining beds with integrated headphones playing soothing music with? fruit, herbal teas and magazines available. Both the pools and thermal suite are complimentary for all hotel guests to use between the opening hours of 8am to 8pm. Also, The Club Spa is part of, Europe’s leading health and beauty retailer and uses luxury brands Darphin and Decleor.

All the information you need is below:
The Club Spa, Green Street, St. Helier, Jersey JE2 4UH, Channel Islands
For reservations please call: 01534 876 500? or visit



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