SupaClass – the UK’s first discovery platform for aerial fitness and circus training

kiri | 8th October 2019

For those smitten by the aerial fitness bug, or looking for unique ways to supercharge their core workout, improve flexibility or inject some fun into their exercise routine, then SupaClass might just be for you.


With avid celebrity fans working out in this fun and engaging way-  Gwyneth Paltrow, Pink and Ashley Graham are among the long list – you too can keep up with the ‘IT’ crowd by changing up your fitness regime.


SupaClass is a single platform that brings together different UK studios offering aerial fitness and circus classes, so it’s easy to find and book a class near you. Whether you are keen to try aerial yoga, silks, Chinese pole, flying trapeze or more, you’ll be able to locate your perfect match in a matter of clicks. SupaClass shows classes for all abilities, from complete beginner to highly advanced, and you’ll be able to discover workshops as well as longer courses.


Aerial fitness classes not only allow you to push your own boundaries – and quite literally turn your exercise programme on its head – but you’ll be working muscles and developing coordination skills that you wouldn’t otherwise in daily life. Plus, an aerial routine burns as many calories as an hour’s spinning class.


All SupaClass instructors are highly qualified and passionate about what they do. So it’s not hard to see why their classes are enjoyable as well as effective.



If National Fitness Day has spurred you to get off the couch, or you want to workout like a long list of celebs performing exercises in new and fund way then why not browse some of the classes SupaClass has to offer? It might be your first step towards mastering a graceful new skill, and your Instagram feed will look fabulous whilst you learn.


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