Suri restaurant has launched a brand new spring menu!

Paige Tucker | 2nd April 2017


Middle eastern inspired restaurant: Suri has launched a brand new spring menu with some of the freshest ingredients you will ever taste!

We went down to have a little taste of what is on offer and we were not disappointed! We sat at the Chef’s table, prime position to get our hands on some delicious food.

White beans and chorizo

First we sampled the infused bread, it was lovely and crisp on the outside and sprinkled all over with rosemary which made it smell wonderful. It also paired beautifully with the creamy avocado dip that nicely balanced out the strong rosemary taste and left a beautifully soft taste on the palate.

Then came my favourite dish, the Josper honey’d salmon. Now, I have always had a bad relationship with salmon but wow did this impress me. I have never indulged in a fish so fresh tasting in my life! As it hits you there is a burst of what can only be described as magic. I know it sounds like an exaggeration but it truly was remarkable, especially for someone who hates salmon. It also came with a small amount of caviar which was a brand new experience for me. Then hidden underneath the stunning presentation was some more smooth avocado and some edible flowers.

In-between dishes we got given some green olives marinated in roses, we were then informed that Suri means rose which is why you will always see roses at the restaurant, whether as decoration or in the food.

Honey’d salmon and avocado ‘ma taheena’ 

We then indulged in some crunchy cauliflower with tahini spice, a dish that transformed simple cauliflowers into a vegetable that you crave! Following this we sampled the whole fish with mussels, again something I am not a fan of but enjoyed due to its tender texture and fresh taste.

Next up on the menu was the new pork blade, perfectly cooked and lying of a bed of chickpea dhal. This was absolutely delicious and paired beautifully with the dhal and lightly spiced chips.

We also indulged in the polenta cake which was nicely decorated with mascarpone and fresh fig but had a tad too much almond than I would usually have.

To finish of our amazing experience we got the chance to try the famous chocolate slab, which for a person who has tried many brownies attempting to find the perfect one, was honestly the best brownie I have ever had!

So if you are looking for somewhere that freshens the taste buds and fills your senses with amazing food, then Suri restaurant is the place to go this spring!


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courtesy of Suri resturant

Contact: 22 King Street Manchester,
M2 6AG
T: 0161 641 7700