Take to the High Seas with Limited Edition Sailor Jerry Cocktail Menu

Holly Harris | 2nd February 2018

The Rose

Sailor Jerry and Banyan Bar & Kitchen in Manchester have partnered to celebrate the birthday of Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins. The limited-edition cocktail menu is available until the 4th of February…

Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins was an American tattoo artist known for his skill of tattooing sailors; hence his nickname, Sailor Jerry.

You’re probably familiar with the iconic image printed on Sailor Jerry spiced rum bottles, of a pin-up, vintage style hula girl playing a ukulele.

The reason behind the hula girl imagery goes back to Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins time spent in Hawaii where he built his legacy.

His Hawaiian tattoos are said to represent paradise on earth, away from the real world and void of any dishonor and  immorality.

To celebrate the tattoo legends birthday, Banyan Bar and Kitchen have concocted three delicious, edgy cocktails with a Sailor Jerry rum base.

The Rose

A floral twist on the classic rum punch. With a prominent vanilla flavour and notes of lime and ginger, This cocktail is the perfect balance of sweet and sour.

Image by Holly Harris



To commemorate the iconic hula girl, this cocktail is full of exotic flavours. With a mix of pineapple, passion fruit and an orange-flavoured liquor it really does make you feel like you’re on a Hawaiian island.

Image by Holly Harris


The Anchor

It’s a sailor’s serve of Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, Tia Maria, Espresso, caramel syrup and a secret home-made salt solution. You’ll definitely love this if you’re into espresso martinis or cocktails for dessert!

Image by Holly Harris

To get your hands on these delicious rum cocktails, head to Banyan Bar and Kitchen.

Or, why not make you’re own, sailor inspired cocktails…Here’s a reason to get a group together, grab a bottle and celebrate.

Inspired by Jerry’s bold, badass and colourful tattoo designs, the gloss black bottle highlights two iconic Jerry designs and symbols from his flash artwork collection: the eagle and the rose. Get yours here.