Tasty Taco Tuesday!

Paige Tucker | 15th March 2017


The aroma of chicken and fresh bean salad hit me straight away as I walked into the dimly lit Cuban themed room, luring me into the line of eagerly waiting customers salivating at the smell of free tacos.

As a huge foodie, tacos are right up my street especially when they are free and taste absolutely amazing! Luckily for me Revolution de Cuba were giving out 1,000 of the tasty treats for free, so I went along to try some out.

I went for the chicken salad tacos with red peppers. Usually the red peppers would have put me off because I’m not a massive fan of spice, but the carefully chosen garnishes gently soothed the strong spice before it fully hit me.


Chicken, vegetable and pork tacos: courtesy of Revolucion de Cuba.


Instead, the flavor of fresh parsley and succulent chicken hit my taste buds as it went down, accompanied by the juicy coated salad leaves and soft tortilla wrap.

Then before I knew it I was on my second taco, eager to keep the taste in my mouth. Before I knew it the experience was over and I just about stopped myself from indulging in 4 more for a bargain £5.

But why you may be wondering are they giving out free tacos? Well it’s all because of Revolution de Cuba’s brand new Cantina menu.


Courtesy of Revolucion de Cuba


Boasting of delicious primo tapas with Cuban BBQ glazed chicken to lime and chili king prawns and a taste exploding burrito bowl.  Their new menu is not something you can miss out on, especially because of their super low prices and amazing flavors! Lunch is only £6 and you can get two courses in the evening starting from £9.95.

So if like me you are a massive foodie and like to taste all different cuisines then I strongly recommend trying out the new menu at Revolution de Cuba and most importantly, try out the tacos!


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Free Chicken tacosThe queueRevolucion de Cuba resturantMe enjoying the tacos