Taylor Swift’s Fans Shake It Off In Swiftie Style At Manchester Arena

Rebekah Spratt | 25th June 2015

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The Swifties were sparkling like stars at Taylor Swift’s sold-out Manchester Arena show. Taylor Swift tweeted to her Manchester fans:’Judging by the pictures on tumblr and Instagram of outfits and signs people have made… I’d say Manchester is READY for the show tonight!!’

Greeted by a deafening uproar of love and devotion, the overwhelmed superstar mouthed an astonished “Oh my God!” after opening the night with an upbeat New York.

Taylor Swift

Reminiscent of the girl power status elevated by The Spice Girls, Taylor was supported by her girl squad actress Lena Dunham, singer Selena Gomez, and supermodel Cara Delevingnewho appeared at intervals on screens throughout the concert to insert deep and meaningful insights into the behind the scenes life of their best friend.

Updated with an electronic 80s treatment, crowds were treated to a breakthrough throwback with Love Story, from her album ‘Speak Now’, one of the only nods to Taylor’s humble country beginnings.

taylor swift sitting down

Introducing songs through inspirational monologues, Taylor took some time to motivate her Swifty-hood legions of fans in true Swift style. Touching on subjects such as love, heartbreak, friendship and self-respect, the musical phenomenon also talked Manchester through  the romantic influences behind the 1989 album.  She explained, “When I was growing up, I learned a lot about love from the movies… In those movies you had two very different main characters, from completely different backgrounds, but somehow you just know they’re perfect for each other.”

Taylor regularly invited her Manchester friends to sing along with her, but notably in the ballad We are In Love, as she was raised closer to an ocean of twinkling blue lights and 15,000 dedicated voices.

taylor and singers

The night was brought to an explosive conclusion with massive lead single from her latest album, 1989 Shake It Off, which had the whole arena on their feet, absorbing the enlightening atmosphere.

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Photos by Stephen Farrell