The Bee Thrive swaps fast fashion for sustainable style

Jessica Ward | 11th April 2019

We’ve all heard about fast fashion and now ethical style gurus Manchester-based THE BEE THRIVE is putting its money where its mouth is by swapping to your high street tees for one of their organic, ethically sourced T-shirts.


It’s all to mark the start of Ethical Fashion Week which started out to create a fashion revolution following the appalling Rana Plaza disaster six years ago where over a thousand people lost their lives following the factory’s collapse.


THE BEE THRIVE promises to swap tees for the first fifty people who attend an event it’s hosting on Wednesday, April 17, to mark the start of Ethical Fashion Revolution Week in the heart of the city’s Northern Quarter, renowned as Cottonopolis at the height of the Industrial revolution.


There will be a chance to preview new collections from designers, jewellery and accessory makers, as well as try out beauty treatments – all from companies and individuals committed to producing natural, beautiful pieces, in an environmentally sustainable way which recognise human rights.


THE BEE THRIVE founder Gemma Gratton told VIva: “It’s a chance to join the real Fashion Revolution and show that we can create stunning clothes, accessories, jewellery and beauty products, made without a human or environmental price tag.”



There’ll be guest speakers on the future of fashion & sustainability, live performances, pop up shops, celebrities, DJs, hand massages and gift vouchers on the night.


ALL guests are asked to bring a T-Shirt from a fast-fashion chain they will have purchased, and in exchange the first fifty guests will be able to swap it for an organic ‘THE BEE THRIVE’ tee. Old tees will be recycled by the Manchester Art Project. Details of which will be unveiled on the evening.


Fashion Revolution Week, which starts on April 22 and honours the six-year anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh which killed 1,135 people in the country’s worst industrial disaster.


It pledges to prevent such catastrophes happening again in the name of fashion, and amongst other fashion disasters, it is this what helped inspire Gemma to create her very own ‘THE BEE THRIVE’ womenswear collection, along with THE BEE THRIVE website where like-minded brands can showcase and sell their products.



“We want to show there is a way you can produce ethical, sustainable & organic fashion, whilst not sacrificing style. Our aim is to become an ethical ASOS,” added Gemma.


There is a limited public guestlist and anyone interested in joining the Fashion Revolution on Wednesday, April 17 from 6pm at The Whiskey Jar, 14 Tariff Street, Manchester, M1 2FF, should RSVP by email to


Further details on the night will be released nearer the event.