The benefits of sleeping with a humidifier

Web Team | 14th October 2015

Having a good night’s rest is not only beneficial for the mind and body, but it recharges the spirit as well.


If you are struggling to get a peaceful sleep at night, perhaps it is time to try certain devices that can aid you in getting your well-deserved rest. One device that can help you get a quality rest is a humidifier.


Humidifiers in Brief


A humidifier simply adds moisture to the air. A cool-mist humidifier is usually a vaporizer. It produces moistened air by evaporating water droplets. On the other hand, a warm mist humidifier, such as a steam humidifier, creates a warm moisture from boiling water. If you are wondering which humidifier is best for your home or office, look at these humidifier reviews, which focus on humidifiers for big rooms, such as your living room or an entire house. While most of these are evaporative humidifiers, there are also ultrasonic ones that come with minimal noise. Humidifiers prevent dry air that causes irritation, particularly in the respiratory tract of the body, which includes your throat and nasal passages.


Respiratory Tract Benefits


As reviewed by Dr. Karen Gill, Jon Johnson, an author of the Medical News Today newsletter wrote that since humidifiers keep the moisture in the air, a dry throat or dry nasal passages that can lead to colds and flu can be relieved while you sleep. This is because more moisture in the air is thereby transferred in your airways. Additionally, air with an ample level of humidity lessens the chances or airborne viruses from spreading.


In his article, Jon also mentioned that if you already have a cough, there is a great possibility to buy advair diskus online that a humidifier can make your cough productive, releasing trapped or sticky phlegm that will give you relief over time. Furthermore, dry air is known to be a primary cause of different allergies, especially for people with normally dry airways. Clear nasal passages have more chances of filtering out allergens that can even cause asthma.


Minimises Snoring and Sleep Apnoea


There is a great possibility that you are less likely to snore when you sleep with a humidifier compared to sleeping without one. This is because increase moisture in the air lubricates the airways, thereby reducing the chances of snoring. Dry air is known to worsen heavy breathing during sleep that results in snoring.


Nevertheless, heavy snoring can indicate a more serious condition, which is sleep apnoea. Those being treated with sleep apnoea can benefit more from a humidifier. Kristina Brooks, a digital editor at with a background in health science recommend a heated humidifier since this proves to be better for those with sleep apnoea because this better stimulates the sinuses.


Glowing Skin


Apart from the health benefits of sleeping with a humidifier, there are also a number of beauty benefits and one of these is having glowing skin. It prevents dry skin, which is prone to itching and cracking that also results in early signs of aging. There are a number of surveys that show that people who sleep with a humidifier wake up to glowing skin. This can be attributed to reducing the chances of getting dry skin because of the dry air. As a result, your skin stays moisturized all throughout the night, leaving it glowing when you wake up.


Shiny Hair


Most people who sleep with a humidifier report good hair days. They notice that when they wake up, their hair seems to be shinier. The added moisture in the air also prevents your scalp from drying. This prevents you from getting dandruff, and as a result, your hair follicles are healthier, making your hair shine. Not only this, but, added moisture in the air can help prevent your strands from becoming dry and brittle.


Humidifier Benefits Specifically for Children


Even babies and children can benefit from a humidifier. In the same manner, as with the adults, a humidifier can protect a child’s skin from becoming overly dry and protect their lips from being chapped. An ample moisture in the air will keep your baby’s skin moisturized. Additionally, a humidifier can also help babies and children to breathe easier, clearing those stuffy noses. Hence, even the tiny little humans in your home can get a good night’s rest with a humidifier on in the room.