How to turn your modern house into a beautiful countryside home!

Paige Tucker | 25th January 2018

The countryside is an amazing place to live, with whimsical storybook houses to cute thatched cottages. However, sometimes it can be hard to mimic these stunning designs in a modern house.  So, to help you make your home more rural, we have rounded up our favourite accessory ideas to help make your house less urban and more country comfort.

Don’t underestimate the power of texture


Countryside houses are always warm and welcoming, with a huge fire ready to keep you warm after a long day outside. They are also abundant with different textures from the wall to the floor. However, if you don’t have these elements already in your home another way to help make your house feel cosy and inviting is to decorate with textured accessories. These can be anything from knitted quilts and rugs to pillowcases and tea cosies. To emphasise your textures, try pairing them with softer textures, such as faux fur. These contrasting textures will help one another stand-out and mimic the natural textures of the countryside. The varying textures also help to create depth and make your room pop.


Customise your accessories 


A great way to bring in that rural feeling is to get some of your accessories customised. This can be as small as having your initials sewn into your oven gloves to getting your own countryside photography printed on your pillows. With the rural look, it is all about adding in those little quaint details. You also want to layer up your patterns and block colours to give a fuller looking vibe to your house. You can mix and match your pillowcase patterns and experiment with different textures. You can create this effect with different fabrics or through some countryside art to bring more interest to your walls.


Incorporate animal prints


The countryside is known for its animals, so why not add some of your favourites to your house decor? You can do this subtly with things such as animal prints on tea towels or oven mitts. Alternatively, you can incorporate bigger features, such as faux animal heads on your walls. These are so popular right now and you can get them in all different colours and styles, plus no animals are harmed, so it’s a win-win. Another great way to incorporate wildlife is to get some prints. You can find these in most homeware shops but if you have a few photographs you took yourself you can always get this professionally printed and frame them yourself!


Use natural resources


For those of you with modern houses that don’t have any wooden beams or exposed walls, it is a great idea to incorporate some yourself. Forests are a big part of the countryside, which is why you often see naturally occurring materials, such as wood in countryside houses. However, you can still get this countryside look by adding your own wooden features. Wooden floors, tables, chairs and bookcases are the ‘stand-out’ pieces that will instantly transform your home. Sometimes these items are a little more on the pricey side if bought new, so be prepared to spend a little more. Alternatively, you can refurbish second-hand items to give them a second life. Also, by adding plants such as fig trees, aloe and succulents, you can help bring the outside in.