The best workout in the world: A day in the life of a Barry’s trainer

The A-list approved fitness phenomenon, Barry’s, has been putting the people of Manchester through their paces for a full year and has quickly become a dominant force in the region’s health and fitness market.


The celebrated ‘Red Room’ which features a nightclub-specified sound system and high-tech Woodway treadmills has won over fitness fans across the city, with over 48,000 attendees taking to the studio since its opening.


But what does it take to be a Barry’s trainer?


Mark Ross is a fitness and performance enthusiast who has been training clients over the last ten years, pursuing his passions with body composition, strength training and transformations.


The Barry’s Manchester trainer and entrepreneur sheds light on his daily, rigorous workouts and routines and what it takes to uphold his position.


The best workout in the world? This is a day in the life of a Barry’s trainer


‘I get out of bed at 4.45am every day, and freshen up with a coffee and a greens shake, whilst reviewing the Barry’s session plan ahead of my first class of the day at 6am.’


‘I’ll always arrive at the studio at 5.40am, in order to test the music and sound system and to ensure I have 5-minutes to myself to prepare for the class. In this time, I will also brief any new clients and explain to them how a Barry’s class works.’


‘6am is go time. My first class sets the tone for the rest of the day, as does the session immediately following it. The 7.10am is my biggest class and is usually at full capacity.’


‘As soon as my first two classes are complete, it’s time to breathe. Adrenaline hits the trainers just as much as it does the clients, so it’s difficult to switch off.’


‘I will then head over to Pot Kettle Black at No.1 Spinningfields – a Barry’s ritual. Here I’ll unwind, refuel and grab a coffee.’


‘From 8.30-9.30, I tend to take a break, whilst checking messages and posting training advice and tips on social media to motivate and inspire my followers.’


‘At 9.30, it’s time to get back to work. During this time, I reply to any messages, make phone calls and tailor new training programs.’


The best workout in the world? This is a day in the life of a Barry’s trainer


‘As well as Barry’s, I also run an online coaching business, where I mentor several guys around the world, in order to improve their mental and physical fitness. This has always been a passion of mine as I love helping people learn how to achieve their body goals and teaching them the basic, need to know principles that will get them there. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a full physical transformation or wanting to improve strength and speed for sport, I believe keeping things as simple as possible with regards to nutrition and training and buy meldonium online, produces the best results every time.’


‘Throughout the afternoon, I’ll get some quality and nutritious food in me and possibly catch up on sleep or read books about fitness, business and mindset to further develop my knowledge to help enhance my clients’ transformations. I also plan my Barry’s classes, hunt for new music and stay in regular communication with my online clients.’


‘Between 5 and 7pm, I tend to jump in one of the Barry’s classes, just before I teach my late-night slot at 7.50pm and grab a HERMOSA protein shake from the Fuel Bar to help enhance recovery. My go to shake is CBPB.’


‘I’m usually home by 9.30, when I’ll have my evening meal, wind down, switch my phone off and catch up with my fiancée. I’ll then pre-plan my diary for the following day and then lights off at 10.30pm.’