The leading types of adventure holidays

VIVA Team | 20th November 2017

For some of us, a holiday abroad is an opportunity to do not very much of anything. We can lounge around on a beach for hours a day, catch up on some reading, or perhaps visit a spa or two.


But some of us take the opposite approach. We’ve been cooped up in homes and offices for too long, and a holiday is a change to broaden horizons, stretch legs, and get the adrenaline pumping.


Adventure holidays come in a range of different sorts, and choosing between them isn’t always easy. Whether you’re in search of a challenge, or just a little bit of exertion, it’s worth considering a few of the options available.


Run the Great Wall Marathon


Keen marathon-runners will want to take every opportunity to go the distance in unique surroundings. And few routes are quite as spectacular (and, let’s face it, brag-worthy) as the iconic Great Wall of China.


This is quite a technical marathon, as it incorporates a considerable amount of up-and-down action, including 5,164 steps. Interestingly, Pippa Middleton ran the marathon back in 2016, coming in with a rather impressive time of just under five hours.


Go on a Safari Holiday


For animal-lovers, it doesn’t get much more exhilarating than a safari holiday in the Serengeti. You’ll get a chance to glimpse all manner of beautiful animals in their natural habitats, including the famous Big Five. Moreover, if you go with a proper lodge, you’ll have to contribute to the upkeep of the land, and thus you’ll be helping to keep these treasures intact for future generations.


Safari holidays offer something a little bit different every time you go, as you never know quite how animals will behave and where they’ll travel when they’re out in the wild. As such, this is an activity that bears repeating year after year!


Adventure in the Azores


These Portuguese islands provide plenty of unique challenges, including whale-watching, canyoning and cliff-diving. In this part of the world, the weather is nice and warm throughout the year, though wet-season, which runs through the British winter months, might put a dampener on things.


As always, if you’re planning on going canyoning, you’ll need to stay safe and go with a reputable guide – especially if you’re a newbie.


Go mountain-biking in New Zealand


As anyone who’s seen the Lord of the Rings will be aware, New Zealand is home to some sprawling, spectacular outdoor stretches. And perhaps the best way to take stock of this unspoiled natural treasure is from the saddle of a mountain-bike.


Check out the national parks – they cover more than thirty thousand square kilometres between them, and they’re ripe for exploration!