The Membranes Launch Their Musical Masterpiece at The Deaf Institute

Amelia Ryder | 22nd June 2015

membranes2Friday night saw the Membranes launch their latest album, Dark Matter/Dark Energy, at Manchester’s Deaf Institute. The band, fronted by John Robb, are back with an experimental creation born out of Robb’s fascination with the universe.

The idea behind the phenomenal album was ignited by an in-depth conversation between Robb and American particle physicist, Joe Incandela. Dark matter, dark energy and the future of the universe were the topic of deep discussion. membranes

The cyclic nature of Dark Matter/Dark Energy is inspired by the birth and death of the universe, it elicits wonder and ignites the imagination. Robb’s father passed away during the recording of the album. His death is threaded throughout, weaving moments of heartbreak and rawness into the wonder.

With Dark Matter/Dark Energy, the Membranes invite fans to plunge into the depths of the unknown. The album is a journey deep and wavering. Performed live, the journey is brought to life by Robb’s captivating stage presence. The frontman performs with enthusiasm and passion, interacting with the crowd throughout delivery. membranes3

The bass guitar is central to the album, and Robb plays it impeccably. He is a truly enigmatic frontman, holding his bass like a weapon, firing his ammunition in the most fascinating way.

Meaning is apparent within each track on Dark Matter/Dark Energy, The NME have labelled it ‘an extraordinary comeback’.

Money is Dust touches on topics of human greed and has a non-conformist attitude, much like the album and its creators. Friday’s live performance of this song saw Robb enter into the crowd, strengthening the connection between the band and their fans. Space Junk is an addictive, groove filled punk jam with massive attitude and monstrous bass. The final track on the album, The Hum of the Universe, is a thing of beauty. The song is played in B flat, which is the key of the actual hum of the universe. membranes4

The emotional, imagination feeding album highlights the power of music. Performed live, it’s moving and highlights the power of human creativity.

Dark Matter/Dark Energy is symbolic of a progression in human thought, a progression towards a deeper understanding of the universe within which we exist. What better way to expand our minds than to be led by the Membranes musical masterpiece.

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Photography credit: Charlotte Wellings