The most calorific Easter eggs revealed

This year’s Easter celebrations are going to be a little bit different, but at least we can still get our hands on the delicious treats – luckily, supermarkets recently lifted their item restrictions on Easter eggs.


So which Easter eggs are best? Everyone has their favourites, but some people also make their choice on which is the least calorific.


Researchers searched online supermarkets to discover which medium sized Easter eggs, including chocolate-free alternatives, have the most and least calories.


Which Easter eggs contain the most calories?


By far the unhealthiest Easter egg, first place goes to Ferrero Rocher. The indulgent family favourites don’t hold back with their seasonal products – a medium sized Easter egg product contains a staggering 1,320 calories – that’s over half the recommended intake for men and women per day.


In second place is KitKat Chunky. Chunky in size but also in calories, the product contains 772 calories.


Closely following in third, fourth and fifth place are Mars, Cadbury Bourneville and Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel – they rack up 756, 748 and 723 calories respectively.


The most calorific Easter eggs revealed


To make the top ten calorific eggs, other family favourites include:


  • Rolo – 720 calories
  • Cadbury Fry’s Heritage – 715 calories
  • Cadbury Creme Egg – 713 calories
  • Aero Bubbles – 702 calories
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons – 696 calories


Which Easter eggs contain the lowest calories?


While none are exactly healthy, there is a clear-cut winner for the Easter egg with the fewest calories. This is claimed by M&Ms Choco, with only 493 calories for the entire pack.


This is followed by Moo Free dairy alternative with 578 calories, Maltesers (582 calories) and Tesco Free from dairy alternative (625 calories), to name a few.