The Real Life Christian Grey’s

Emma Jane Barlow | 11th June 2015


As another Fifty Shades of Grey book hits the shelves, decided to run the numbers and see how many people in the UK had the name Christian Grey.

It’s good news for the ladies looking to meet a real-life Christian Grey, there are twenty men with that name in the UK but there are only four Anastasia/Ana Steeles on the register.

The results actually showed other romantic figures too such as Romeo, Juliet and Mark Darcy.


There are in fact one hundred and twenty Cleopatra’s in the UK and there are two hundred and eighty one people with the name Mark Darcy and there are even two hundred and thirty four people called Lancelot!

The release of ‘Grey’ is going to inspire more singles to sign up to online dating services. has revealed that 48% of people admitted to lying about their age, address, financial situation and relationship status. Unlike some other dating apps and websites, has a ‘Check your date’ service allowing daters to check a few key facts to avoid romantic fraud.

 Within seconds, the report can tell you where a person has lived and with whom, whether they own the property they live in, notify you of any issues with insolvency or county court judgments – they even check mortality records, which will expose identities stolen from the deceased – a popular tactic among fraudsters.

Sign up to now. You never know, you might just find your own Christian Grey.