The Ultimate Valentine’s Gift Guide

Tereza Pevna | 2nd February 2016


With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s time to think what you treat your beloved other half with. This can turn into a massive mission especially if you’ve been gifting them with the same gifts for the past five years.

On the other hand if you are one of those, who treats Valentine’s Day as any other day, then let’s make a change this year.

Either way, VIVA is here to help, rounding up the best gifts on the market…


Chocolate has been known as an effective aphrodisiac for ages and what would be a better day to increase your love one’s desire than Valentine’s Day.



Continental Heart Box, available from, £20




I Love You Heart Shaped Box, available from, £3.99


Choc Chick Starter Kit, available from Choc Chick, £12.99


Why not surprise your loved one with a Valentine’s dinner and a glass of delicious prosecco (or even something stronger if you wish?). We believe that this could be a perfect start to a passionate night…


Chocolate Rum Liqueru, available from, £33.20

Delicious Art Vintage Champagne, £45.00, National Gallery Company

Champagne Baron-Fuente Vintage 2004, available from, £45


Scavi & Ray Spumante Prosecco, available from, £19.99


Does you other half like Liz Earle? Then she would definitely appreciate this beautiful necklace.Neroli neckace 1 RG (003)

Liz Earle Neroli Necklace, available from Cred jewellery, £180


Chocolate and alcohol are no good? Then you can’t go wrong with the latest beauty releases. Why not take a bath together?

Soap trio copy


Heart Soap Set, available from, £18

Primavera Restoring Bath Oil

Primavera Restoring Organic Massage & Bath Oil, available from, £28

VALENTINE GIFT SET new (high res)

Limited Edition Valentine’s Day Gift Set, available from, £34.95



Rapid Collagen Infusion For Lips, available from Murad, £22


Do we need to say more?


Floral Bodice, available from, £24.99


Mei Corset Dark Red, available from, £995


Set the right mood for your night with a beautiful candle. You would be surprised how influential they can be.

Pink Hearts Candle


Pink Heart’s Candle, available from, £14.95

1230691elarge copy

True Rose Jar Candle, available from, £18.99


There is no chance you could go wrong with a perfume. These two are our No.1 choices.

1445859496_Desire_Unisex _EDP_70ml


Light & Dark Desire Unisex, available from LD Boutique, £43.50

Red Roses Cologne 100ml

Jo Malone Red Roses Cologne, available from Jo Malone, £85


Won’t you be able to see your love one this Valentine’s Day? Worry not, Beards&Daisies offer a range of flower bouquets, which can be send by post and the recipient doesn’t have to be at home as the box fits through the letter box.


12 Premium ‘Naomi’ Scented Roses, available from Beards&Daisies, £39.99


If you have a cheese lover at home then this is the go to present. We tried it personally and it did the trick.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 16.27.33

Godminster Heart Shaped Cheese, available from, £16.50

Don’t forget a card!

Forget Clintons, be original this year! Ink Inc. offers a wide range of beautiful bespoke cards, from pugs to love birds, there is something for everyone.


Check out the whole range here.