The Ultimate VIVA Holiday Guide: Fun, Sun And An Endless Supply Of Cocktails

Emily Howett | 7th April 2015


So the holiday season is finally starting to grace us with it’s presence, (Manchester’s even seen a bit of sun, once, for 5 minutes!) so it’s time to get that bikini ready (even though the bikini body may not be) and get cramming all your clothes into that suitcase. With our ultimate holiday guide VIVA style, whether you’re more of an adventurer, a chillaxer or a party animal we’ve  come up with the best ways to get your holiday season started with a bang with these top destinations…

The Party Place



So we’ll start with the best kind of holiday and the real reason we want to escape for a week or two… it’s got to be to party. I mean we LOVE Manchester for all of it’s cool and quirky party hot spots but the weather here doesn’t quite match up to lets say… Ibiza.

If you’ve seen the Ibiza Weekender then you’ll know what we mean if you’re looking to party hard for the whole holiday and think you can keep up with the fast paced rave environment then this is the perfect place for you. Ibiza Rocks! (No really it does, check out the Ibiza Rocks hotel, it looks awesome!)

The Adventure Place



Manchester City Centre can be an adventure most of the time, especially walking through Market Street at 5pm or visiting the Northern Quarter for the first time but sometimes a getaway is the best way to broaden your horizons and explore new places. Our top holiday destination for an adventure holiday has to be Australia.

This top destination isn’t just for backpackers and is a great place for either luxury hotels or outback adventures and you’re guaranteed to get a tan, bonus! Once you get passed the idea of creepy crawly’s and waking up cuddling a Red-bellied Black snake (no they’re worse than they sound) this is the ultimate holiday destination for a once in a lifetime experience.

The Paradise Place


The Maldives

If you’re really looking to go all out for your 2015 hotel perhaps with your partner or husband, then this paradise place is just the holiday you need. If you live a busy lifestyle swamped with work and running errands then the Maldives is a perfect escape from the real world. With it’s bright white sand, crystal clear waters and exotic palm trees you’ll wish you never had to leave. Make sure you take a good book though as you really are in the middle of a paradise surrounded by nothing, you’ve got the cocktails to keep you going though. And relax…

 The Budget Place



If luxury holidays aren’t really your thing or you’ve already spent your years budget on Jimmy Choo’s here’s a perfect place with great sunshine that your bank balance will love as much as you. This may come as a surprise to you but our best budget hotel destination is Tenerife which also offers a great mix of party, exploring and shopping. If you want wild then the wildest event is the Tenerife Carnival in February/March, where locals put on a display that rivals the excesses of Rio de Janeiro.

So there you have it, there’s something for everyone with VIVAs top holiday destinations. If you have more ideas on great holiday destinations or are looking forward to your summer holiday don’t forget to tweet us @vivamagazines!