These are the top signs of ‘real beauty’

VIVA Team | 8th April 2019

The definition of ‘beauty’ is having inner confidence, always being honest – and knowing when others need a shoulder to cry on, it has emerged.


Researchers who carried out a detailed study among 1,600 Generation X women – those aged 39 to 53 – found the ability to laugh at ones self is also an important trait.


Around one in three who took part said those who conduct acts of good will are ‘beautiful’ – while another 25 per cent said ‘dancing like no one was watching’ was also a key sign.


Being confident enough to leave the house without make-up and being prepared to admit when you’ve made a mistake also makes a human being ‘beautiful’.


Eight in 10 women said it was really important for them to be considered a ‘beautiful person’ on the inside as well as the outside.


But despite this 67 per cent of those polled expressed a belief women in their 40s and 50s have been overlooked for too long.


Dr Mike Bell, No7 Skincare Scientific Advisor for Boots No7 Laboratories, which carried out the study to launch two new Booster Serums, said: “Research shows that Gen X women are confident and embracing their beauty.


”Our definition of beauty changes as we get older – what was considered beautiful in our 20s may not be the same as our 40s and Gen X women are empowered by their age; to them it is a symbol of the knowledge, experience and confidence they have accumulated.”



The study also found the ability to make others feel more comfortable, regularly displaying kindness and having the courage to stand up for friends are also signs someone is beautiful.


Having confidence in yourself and being healthy and fit also featured highly in the list.


Other signs of beauty include laughing all the time, simply being happy and accepting that your body is always changing.


Gen X women also defined beauty as being genuinely excited about the smaller things in life.


And a further one in 10 said it’s having the confidence to sing out loud in front of others, regardless of whether you have a good voice or not.


The study also found 58 per cent of Gen X women are at a stage in their lives where they understand what they need to do to look and feel their best.


Reassuringly, just over six in 10 admitted they feel confident about the way they look – and many adhere to relatively strict face and body routines to help them feel the best versions of themselves


One third of women keep to a healthy diet and exercise regularly, while four in 10 allow themselves plenty of time to rest and recuperate when needed.


A quarter opt to spend a little more on good quality skin care products – with 44 per cent per cent admitting their skin isn’t as firm as it once was, and 41 per cent acknowledging they have concerns about their skin ‘heading south’.


Seven in 10 women polled by OnePoll believe it is important for Gen X women to embrace who they are – taking care of their appearance, but without going overboard.

Interestingly, a fifth of those questioned admitted the older they get the more they understand what make up, fashion and skincare suits them best.


But for 46 per cent, the older they get, the more they believe beauty comes from within.


Dr Mike Bell added: ”Research shows that Gen X women are confident and embracing their beauty. ”At No7, we celebrate this extraordinary generation of women.


”They are empowered by their age; to them it is a symbol of all the knowledge, experience and confidence they have accumulated.”


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Kindness in how you treat and speak to others
Being honest
Making others feel more comfortable
Simply being happy
Having the ability to laugh at yourself
Being happy to be yourself in front of others
Having the courage to stand up for others
Don’t judge others with different beliefs, religions, life choices
Knowing when others need a shoulder to cry on
Being prepared to admit you’re wrong sometimes or made a mistake
Asking others how they are feeling / getting on
Actually quite liking yourself
Being confident to leave the house without make up
Accepting your body is a ‘work in progress’ and lumps and bumps are normal
Actively encouraging others to do well and pursue their dreams / ambitions / interests
Listening to others and put their needs above your own
Conducting regular acts of good will
Getting genuinely excited about the smaller things in life
Approaching life as though it’s ‘glass half full’ rather than ‘glass half empty’
Not having to surround yourself with the ‘cool gang’
Not always needing to take the limelight in group situations
Taking care of yourself inside and out; you’re healthy and fit
Caring about the environment
Being happy to do foolish things without worrying what other people think
Not bearing grudges
Money and material possessions aren’t important to you
Always remembering significant dates / points of interest for other people
Being carefree enough to dance like no one is watching
Being low maintenance
Having the ability to boost other people’s egos
Having your own combination of unique style and quirks
Being happy to open up to others and share your insecurities
Being able to compose yourself during tricky situations
Good at keeping a work / life balance
Happy to meet good friends with bedhead
Being energetic and getting the most out of life
Smiling all the time
Being okay about socialising with people you don’t necessarily like, like the in-laws, work colleagues and clients
Wearing your heart on your sleeve
Being happy trying new things such as workout classes alone for the first time
Laughing all the time
Being thoughtful about where you source your clothes, beauty products, food etc from Volunteering within the local community
Having the confidence to sing in front of others, even if you are just plain awful
Being happy going to the pub to have a drink alone
Being the life and soul of a party
Striving to be a leader rather than a follower